9 Big Budget Hollywood Movies Of 2015 Which Bombed Badly At Box Office


Jurassic Park, Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Inside out and Minions unambiguously had a great script and got rave reviews. These movies also garnered good moolah at box office. And recently movie PAN proved to be another disaster.

But there were slew of big budget Hollywood movies Of 2015 which bombed at box office. Some had great script but were not executed suitably and some were down right disasters.

Here’s a brief glance at some expensive movies that didn’t measure up at the box office this year.

1. Jupiter ascending

The trailer of Wachowskis Jupiter ascending seemed promising but didn’t do well at all. It was panned by both viewers and critics. It was made under the budget of $175 million but just earned around $ 50 million only.


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