Hilarious Things Indian Parents Say And Blackmail Their Kids For Wedding !

Parents blackmail kids for wedding

Parents blackmail kids for wedding – There starts the fun when you actually attain the marriageable age :P. Your marriage is the only thing that your parents got up in their minds.

And the Indian parents who are generally stereotyped, start with all kinds of hilarious things to just get you married and getting home a ‘bahu’ or ‘daamaad’ .

Interestingly, Parents blackmail kids for wedding – go to great extents doing and saying things to just and just getting you married.

So let’s check out the hilarious and illogical stuff, that the Indian parents blackmail kids for wedding and getting you hitched.

Parents blackmail kids for wedding –

  1. Starts off with the so classic, ‘When we were of your age!’

Now what are we supposed to do if you people got married by this age.! Mumma and Paapah now you are to know about something called ‘choices’.

  1. “Log kya kahenge “

Mom Dad why in the world should we worry what people will think, I need to study, work and be independent for god’s sake stop this torture.

  1. ‘We got you the best!’

There is one thing I don’t understand, how you can think that someone is the best, just out of the few you have seen or because he is rich My dear Amma, India has a huge population.

  1. They try getting senti with dialogues like this – ‘One last wish of your sick grandmother!’

Papaah, why is that only her last wish?

  1. ‘Time you make a family’!!

If, that is really the issue. Then what are we all?! Aren’t we all a family. If yes, why do you want to me to make a second family.

  1. ‘Look your friends are getting married!!’

Yes, I know they are getting married. And that does not mean I get married, just because they are into it.

  1. ‘We want to get done with the one responsibility of getting you hitched.’

Oh so just because you want to retire from your responsibilities, you want me to get married!! That’s not fair Mom and Dad!

  1. Once you cross age you will not get good match

Ohh comeon enough is enough!

  1. Once you cross age you can’t bear children

Mom I am still 25 and I can bear children till 40 come on!

  1. Till you get married we can’t get younger siblings married

This is emotional atyachaar

So, these are some hilarious stuff that Indian Parents blackmail kids for wedding. No offence!! Hope I got some smile on to your face amid your hectic day.

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