Chanakya’s Policy in Modern Days

Chanakya policies

Chanakya policies – History is the common subject and no doubt almost every one of us know about the historical book  “Arthashastra”, we have read about this ancient book and the author who has written this, the ever known intelligent, clever and wise who led the entire empire with his intelligent politics, famous known as “Chanakya”, also known as “Kautilya” or Vishnugupta.

Chandragupta the strong ruler of the Mauryan dynasty, has seen the rise in his empire all overruling for years with the dedication of Chanakya. Chanakya policies were so relevant that it is still applied in the modern corporate world of modern societies, that is observed and capable of making progress even today.

“Corporate Chanakya” who have shown justified reasons on Chanakya’s Intelligence.

Chanakya policies –

Chanakya policies

  • A book written by Radhakrishnan Pillai, in Corporate Chanakya author has described the application of his strategies as in leadership with excellence that turned to lead the entire empire of Mauryan dynasty. How to groom up and strengthen up your workplace to make a stable and rapid progress? Corporate Chanakya describes the common problems that employers have to go through, it may be problems in your business or regarding employees his techniques and intellectual steps towards attaining and ruling over are described in Corporate Chanakya.
  • Chanakya on Management one more book in English that described the politics that is required in management, inspired from the pages of Arthashastra mentioning about 216 rules of Raaj Neeti.

Kautilya’s presence in Mauryan Empire and Today.

Who doesn’t know about Alexander the Great? Conquering, he was defeated by the Mauryan emperor, once again Chanakya forgetting about all sorts of differences and enmity, Kautilya united all the kings from different kingdoms to defeat Alexander finally he was able to do so.

Chanakya policies

Chanakya’s farsightedness who knew that united they’ll rise and divided they’ll fall, the leadership has already seen in conquering and fight against Alexander the Great Warrior.

Spies! One more important statistic that Chanakya had applied and even if you check into corporate life, spies you find to gain information for your own victory internally and externally,

“Sam Dam Dand Bhed” is what you use for your own victory? Gain information about your rivals and their intentions that may lead to the destruction of the empire, so in order to lead you to need to know every step of your competitors. You never know you may be backstepped!

Chanakya being an excellent strategist he took interest in politics and religion, the exact way to bring in revenue to their empires, the merchants selling and purchasing of goods, no that was not the end, even spies were allotted here to know the exact amount, the revenue in-house by the merchants the spies informed about the ups and downs of the merchants and their business. So, put an eye on your employees too, check or else your business will fall down to nowhere.

Chanakya policies  – Legal and illegal cases occurring within the villages were also looked by the spies allotted by Kautilya, similarly you corporate space requires the same to know if any misleads are inside your job space as guided the great politician and intelligent leader “Vishnu Gupta”.

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