Religion Is Turning Out To Be A Political Device In Indian Politics

Indian religion

Indian religion – The famous Roman axiom, ‘divide et impera’ was the last tool the Britishers used to break our country into three parts- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Till that they never succeeded in breaking the spirit of the nation, which always stood as brethren. Because of some unknown politics, which was forever buried in the pages of history our motherland was divided. Single blow on one’s religion and friends turn into foes. It’s always better to learn from history, but the sorry thing is that we are very bad student when it is the question of Indian religion.

After 71 years of independence we still find political powers dividing the Indians and we like puppets dance in their tunes.

Indian religion

India is the nation of religious diversity, where various Indian religion stays in harmony- Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain to name a few. But their unity is a stumbling block for the political leaders who tries to prove themselves to be the messiah of various religion depending on the population in the concerned constituencies. Politics and religion are totally different thing, and when it combines- it is the most disastrous combination for a nation. It not only possesses a threat for the community but also for the nation. The concentrated focus on particular ethnical group for vote-bank, sidelines the national issues, taking the development to the backfoot. It interferes with the economic welfare and security issues of the country.

Nowadays we find leaders visiting temples, mosques, churches and other religious places before elections. After it we find them opposing bills meant for the development of the people of a group. Here I would take up the issue of triple talaq, which is a practice to weaken the Muslim women. Utilizing the loophole in the system and using the social network as the medium, husbands divorce their wife over phone, mail, WhatsApp, skype and what not. We are aware of the distress of Malabar damsels in Kerala, where orphan girls were married to sheikhs and after one-month honeymoon period were divorced over phone. Now tell me, if one truly favors a religion and enjoys the iftar party during Ramzan would they not oppose this custom of ‘triple talaq’? which ruins the future of the women of the concerned religion. Now when the government wants to help those women in distress, opposition is opposing the bill.

Indian religion

Similarly, nowadays death of people due to mass lynching by so called cow-vigilantes is also a boiling cauldron. Owing to weak law, these horrendous activities are happening now and then. These are the vested interests of the so-called leaders, who give it a communal color and thrive in the communal hatred. It gloats over these religious indifferences. These leaders have demeaned themselves so much that even the child-rape cases are also seen through communal glasses. How can a victim have Indian religion and a convict has faith?

People from neighboring countries keep the heat burning in Kashmir in name of religion, and we keep on adding fuel turning the paradise into hell. It is our mindset which keeps religion over nation to ruin the harmony of our country. The leaders are just the medium, who perfectly earns the brownie points and capitalize our ignorance.

Indian religion

The beauty of a democracy is eclipsed by the religious indifferences which are created by these fake leaders, who uses religion to woo the voters. But, I think we are equally responsible for this menace. Until and unless they get the fuel, no body can spread the fire. It is our selfish mind, who tries to find opportunity in the name of caste, religion and region to survive. The day we start thinking ourselves as only Indian with the religion of humanity, that day a new and true sun will rise, which will take our country to the top of the world.

Indian religion

Religion is just a device for political gain, they don’t care what it preaches. It is our faith that decides our fate not any political leader, who changes their preferences according to the majority of ethnic group in particular areas. They will ask vote to give you quota, no matter if that means breaking the nation. Poor people from different religion, have different treatment and this creates the indifferences. How can a person be differentiated in name of religion, when both are Indian?

Indian religion

What does this Indian religion politics give? Bloodshed, debris, fear and hatred; none of them can give you a nation which Iqbal said, “saarejahan se achha, Hindustan humara”. Remember religion is for us, and we are not for religion. Don’t let the hate mongers, falsify the belief of unity in diversity.

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