10 Reasons You Must Avoid Using Public Toilets!


Unless it’s a state of emergency, and the body waste cannot be held inside, I say, you must avoid, at all costs, to use public toilets!

Are you asking me why?

Are you?


Here you go!

These are my completely understandable, more than believable, totally reasonable and first hand experienced 10 reasons to avoid using public toilets!

  1. Public restrooms are loaded with harmful bacteria. According to the recent studies the toilet seat, the floor, hand-wash sink and the napkin disposal, were found to be the most contaminated areas of public toilets.
  1. Female restrooms are significantly more contaminated than male restrooms, for the reasons they throw away their period wastes just like that. People are still lacking education! The so called educated ones I am talking about here!
  1. High traffic institutional restrooms are the dirtiest, followed by the restaurant restrooms and then the hospital public restrooms! We really need TOILET TRAINING CLASSES to the adult education curriculums.
  1. Urinal flush handle and the top (seat) of the urinal are the places that should not come in direct contact with your skin! You must use paper towels to wipe and to sit on the seat, and to flush. If you don’t have them, do not use the public toilet.
  1. Even mops used to clean restroom floors contained super harmful bacterias like coliform and E. coli.
  1. Restrooms containing single stall are the most dangerous, infection wise. For they take more quantities. Never ever use them!
  1. Appearances of the public toilets are quite deceptive. Clean looking washrooms are often the high carriers of germs.
  1. You will be amazed at this one, a phone camera was hidden in the changing area of a public washroom! Are you ready to get filmed?
  1. Bathroom entrance door handles and push plates of public bathrooms are incredibly contaminated. For men, they’re usually contaminated with fecal bacteria. In the women’s toilets, they’re usually contaminated with yeast.
  1. This one is the scariest reason of all. In the public toilets where there is a shortage of water flow, you get to see the disgusting content of other’s bowel movements lying in the toilets! I can never ever take that sight! NEVER!!

Now you see, why say that it’s a bad idea to use public toilets! Folks, relieve yourself at home before moving out, or if there is utmost necessity, please take preventive measures.

And if you are a frequent public toilet user, you need to be very very careful.

Be ready with disinfectants and hand sanitisers always!

Love to all!

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