5 Reasons Why It Would Suck If Robots Ruled The World

If robot ruled the world

Humans, in their desire to make life simpler, have tried to create robots. These experiments are not restricted to just one region, but are popular in many countries.

Even Hollywood has contributed its fair share in this fictional regard with movies like Terminator, The Machine, Transformers and Wall-E.

Thanks to such fictions, rumours often circulate about robots taking over the world one day. Can that happen? Honestly, we don’t think so.

This confirmation comes in light of a Canterbury-based robot predicting Afghanistan as the winner of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. That is just preposterous. Here we look at several other reasons that justify why robots are incapable of ruling the world –


They Will Contain Emotions

infuse emotions

Humans will infuse emotions in robots

Human beings are full of emotions – be it humour, anger, sympathy/empathy and many more. Don’t you think they would want to infuse similar emotions in robots? We have not yet learned to care for one another; with similar emotions infused in them, do you think robots would be able to rule the world? The robots would obviously know when they are being treated unjustly, which would force them to retaliate. Do the humans have enough firepower to combat such force? We don’t think so!


Robots Will Be Imperfect

imperfect robot

Robots will not be perfect

The art of creating robot has not been perfected yet. People have tried it, but failed miserably. Even in several households, you can find robotic elements running around “helping” the homeowners with their everyday chores. It is no secret that humans are imperfect. This means technical errors which will result in creation of defective robots.


We Do Not Need an Ultron

ultron gif

Ultron would make humans miserable

With the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron to release soon, everyone should by now have understood the Ultron reference. Ultron is the villain, who sees humans below the standards of the machines, in the process deciding to eliminate the entire race. Picture a scenario – humans add emotions to robots and Ultron is the outcome. Would you want to live in one such surrounding where robots are constantly looking for humans to eliminate permanently? We guess not and for the same reason, it would massively suck if robots ruled the earth.


Robots Are Reliant on Humans

reliant on humans

Robots cannot function on their own

Human brains process constantly in order to bring about modification to the existing robot. Robots might not be able to do that. Though they may succeed in modifying their own self, but it is a possibility that they would become more vicious than their earlier version.


Robots Cannot Reproduce

cant reproduce

Robots cannot reproduce

Humans, birds, animals and insects know reproduction. Robots cannot reproduce, even with humans around them. This would mean that the machines would eventually rust and stop functioning. If the humans are still alive, they will take back power; if not, the world will comprise nothing more than a post-apocalyptic surrounding.

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