How To Get Fuller And Pink Lips Naturally?

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Everybody wants to look beautiful and attractive and lips add on to the beauty that as that’s a prominent part of the face.

And everybody is not born with soft pink lips. Some have dark, thin or pale lips and chapped lips. And such lips can make our face look dull. The reasons for such lips could be many like sun, stress, harmful cosmetics to name a few. Many people would not like to under a knife to get fuller and pink lips.

So today we have rounded some easy home remedies which help you to get pinky lips.

  1. Exfoliate your lips

One of the best ideas to get pinky lips is to exfoliate them on a regular basis. Lips are one of the most exposed parts of the body so naturally all the dirt and germs gets on it. So it’s recommended that one should go for mild scrubbing of lips. Take a soft toothbrush and apply a paste of honey, cucumber or lemon and sugar and slowly brush off for two-three.


  1. Apply Rose for rosy pink lips

Rose water is one of the best and cheapest remedy for pink lips. Just take a cotton swab and dip that in rose water and simply rub off on your lips. This will remove all the harmful chemicals that come along with the lipsticks.


  1. Cucumber And Lemon Juice.

Another simple and effective way to lighten lips to pink is by using cucumber juice. Just cut cucumber in slices and rub on your lips every day for few minutes and soon you will see the amazing effect.Lemon is known for being one of the best natural cleaners. It helps to brighten your darker and pale lips. Just take a slice of lemon for few minutes once in a day.


  1. Moisture them.

It’s vital for the lips to moisturise them as our lips has natural oils in small quantities. One can use lip balms or petroleum jelly for soft and healthy lips.


  1. Ice Cubes for Plump Lips

Many might know that ice cube can do wonders for lips. Simply sub an ice cube over lips for 5-6 minutes. It will help to smoothen out and make it look fuller instantly.


These are some natural home ways to get pink and fuller lips. Try these and let us know your experiences.

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