Women In Hindi Cinema: Anushka Sharma Is Turning Out To Be A Real Champion!

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma has been a model!

Anushka Sharma is an actress!!

Anushka Sharma is a brand ambassador for many products!!

These and many more such titles are usually used to describe this gorgeous looking actress who is part of some of the biggest Bollywood projects. However the most challenging and latest to add on to title that might make her stand out from the crowd is: Anushka Sharma is a film producer!

Film producer?

You might wonder what’s the big deal since it is considered to be a position to make millions and lead a luxury powerful life with people sweeping your feet and bending backwards to make you happy!

Interestingly, part of it is really true, but where the reality seeps in is that being a female producer in a male-dominated industry is really a very very big deal!

Anushka Sharma - The Film Producer

Anushka Sharma – The Film Producer

Despite talking about women empowerment and as Shahrukh Khan once claimed that all his movies will have female lead credits rolling in before male credits, the hard truth is that it is extremely tricky to be able to make a movie if you are a women. Right from the process of arranging funds, getting the right cast and crew, getting down to the dirty and highly tiring on-the-ground production process to finally getting your film released is a herculean task if it’s a female who is running the show. That is one of the reasons in the 100years of Indian cinema, we have heard of just a handful of female producers or directors. Most prominent names can be Pooja Bhatt who was like a pioneer and started her own production company to direct movies closer to her heart without giving in to the market forces. Another recent example is Zoya Akhtar who is making movies which she believes in and they are not run of the mill stuff!

Anushka Sharma co-produces her own NH

Anushka Sharma co-produces her own NH

The most differentiating thing for Anushka, though, is that unlike Pooja or Zoya, she comes with no film-background or a family that’s been here for decades. It becomes really commendable to be able to star as a lead actress and in such a short span of her career have guts to stick her neck out for a project which is not conventional in any manner. Her upcoming movie NH10 in which she is a co-producer and lead actress as well is a concept driven film and is far away from the run of the mill stuff! This is called being courageous and being bold enough to invest her hard earned money in a project which might not promise rosy returns or become the biggest blockbuster of the year.

We do need such daring individuals and especially such women who can chart a different course and make a difference in their own manner. This would definitely give inspiration to millions of her fans and young girls to have dreams and the belief that being an actress is not only looking good and glamorous, but it also means having brain and talent to do something unconventional.

Really hope her new venture, which is releasing next week, succeeds so she can give her support to more of such really ‘different’ projects and give us some meaningful entertainment!

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