10 Surprisingly Weird Stuff That You Can Buy At Online Stores

Weird stuff at online stores – Internet is the ideal destination to find the weird stuff, literally. There are websites where people put up the wackiest stuff for sale that you can actually buy, if interested.

I love browsing on the Internet and so do millions of people in different countries, which is no surprise.

Although it provides you almost any kind of information that you seek, Internet has its fair share of mystery that sends users into a trance with them asking just one question, “What?!”

This is one of those moments wherein I present the list of weirdest things that you can find on the Web. Check these out and share your opinions with us –

Let me start with the keen stuff – sex stuff. This one’s for the men and their shlongs. On the Internet, you can find penis enlargement pump. If you take sexual myths of having a bigger penis to satisfy your partner, you can buy the item.



If the long shlong still does not manage to entice your partner, give them the sexuality arousing chewing. Yes, it’s readily available online. Place the order and get ready to be enthralled by this deal.



Can I get away with one more sex object? Meet Dolly, the sexy inflatable sheep. Apparently, it has been genetically modified to cater to your sexual pleasures.



Do you feel “Harold & Kumar hungry”, but do not want the regular take-away food? Order yourself unicorn meat. You can get the ‘meat’ in a can; the meat of a mythical creature.



The Walking Dead is one of the most watched TV series of the modern day. If you remember The Governer’s victims severed heads that he stored in a tank, you can buy that, too.




Women often face troubles peeing when outside their house, as the public toilets appear something straight from the nightmare. This use and throw funnel comes in a pack of 10 allowing women to stand and pee whenever they feel like it.



If you feel the desire to play a twisted prank on one of your friends or relatives, nothing can be better than the severed hand prop. This 100% all natural hand can also be used for decoration during Halloween.



Feeling lonely is alright; having an imaginary friend is not bad either. However, buying an imaginary friend is weird, but that is something that’s available online, too. You can search online and come across this particular image.



Toilet monster can be used as a good prank weapon, too. If you want to scare the bejesus out of someone, just buy this product online and station it where it belongs.



You can also buy a whole rabbit online. Of course, not the alive one, but its meat which can be upsetting if you are a rabbit lover.


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