Fitness lessons from Kareena Kapoor

According to latest news, Kareena will be seen with six-pack abs in her upcoming movie, Shuddhi. We list out some pertinent fitness lessons we must learn from our diva…


When we saw Shahrukh for the first time in Dard-e-Disco with his six-packs, we were quite impressed with his dedication towards reinventing his otherwise charming screen persona. Then came Aamir with his eight-pack abs in Gajni and we were enthralled. It was Shahid in Kaminey next and now we have become quite used to seeing almost every other B-Town actor working on his muscular self. But, what’s making news these days is that our gorgeous lady Kareena will be seen with six-pack abs in Karan Malhotra’s next film, Shuddhi. Once the actress gets done with promoting Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, she will be put on a strict fitness regime and martial arts training. While this comes as a pleasant surprise, we must not forget that Bebo has, in the past, wooed us with her worked-on physique. We list out some pertinent fitness lessons that we must learn from this diva.

Power of yoga: Kareena is one of most ardent followers of yoga in the film industry and swears by it for not only her physical fitness but also for keeping her mental peace and stability. For her size-zero look in Tashan, she followed hot yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, which is performed under hot and humid conditions to allow the muscles to stretch and warm up easily. Now, for her daily routine, she does power yoga and ashtanga for an hour, with suryanamaskar being her favourite set of asanas. She also combines pilates with yoga.

Basic cardiovascular exercises: It is very important to do basic cardiovascular exercises like running or riding a cycle. Try to alternate the yoga schedule with running, sprinting, walking, jogging and cycling. For instance, if you have just an hour to spare everyday for workouts, then you can consider doing yoga for four days in a week and cardio for the rest of the days. It will not only help you to shape up, but will also keep your heart in good health, which is of paramount importance these days, looking at the kind of lifestyle we are leading.

Diet: For breakfast, Kareena relies on fruits and milk, and avoids tea or coffee. It also comprises upmas and parathas without oil, muesli and idlis. She occasionally snacks on a brown bread sandwich, in between. The lunch is full of flavours and nutrients as her platter has dal, chapattis and vegetables. She keeps a check on the amount of carbs and proteins she is taking through her meals. For dinner, she usually has dal, veggies and curd with brown rice or chapattis. She also consumes a lot of green salads and fresh fruit juices. For a healthy and glowing skin, she drinks six-eight glasses of boiled water everyday, without fail.

Vegetarianism: The stunning Bollywood beauty is a hard-core vegetarian and firmly believes that the secret behind her radiant, youthful skin is the vegetarian diet, which also kept her away from putting on any fat because of meat consumption.



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