7 Not-So-Silly Underwear Mistakes That You’re Still Making!

Underwear Mistakes To Avoid

Underwear Mistakes To Avoid  – Frankly, do you give your underwear the exact same attention that you give to your outer clothes? Yes, I mean the “outer clothes” i.e. jeans, t-shirts or whatever that you wear. Or did you even paid attention to your “undie” while you were wearing it in the morning?

Well, I’m quite sure that there are many out there who don’t care about it all. Some people might think “I’m wearing underwear, now that’s what matters”. That’s it. Well, you know what; wearing underwear is one thing, and paying attention to the entire right thing related to it is another.

Now, getting to the point, I’m gonna talk about the bad habits.

Yep, you read it right.

There is so much more that is happening to your health, just because you’re wearing “that sexy” little underwear.

So, here are 7 underwear mistakes to avoid and make everything right before it causes a big problem. 😉

  1. Not changing your underwear

How many times do you change your underwear? Not even once, right? Frankly, you must change your underwear daily. If you’re someone who sweats a lot, then make sure you change it at-least twice a day. The sweatiness indirectly ruins the body parts by making it wet and thus the germs starts to enter. So, make sure to change your underwear without failing.

  1. Wearing it too tight

Let it breathe…Let it breathe…Have you ever wondered what causes the irritation near your private part? It’s all because the tightness. Tight underwear causes more harm to your skin and then the problems like skin-irritation etc starts happening.

  1. Not caring about the material

When it comes to material, you need to be very careful. As far as you’re not wearing silk and fabric underwear, then you’re fine, but if you’re wearing it then make sure to change it. Silk and fabric material increases the risk of yeast or bacterial infection.

  1. Wearing underwear at night

I know, sometimes due to personal space problem, sleeping without underwear is not really possible. But, whenever you get a chance and space, make sure to sleep without it. Sleeping without it is actually beneficial to your body, as even experts suggest sleeping completely nude.

  1. Washing them improperly

Many people out there will agree to the fact that they wash undies improperly by using any regular soap, right? In reality, this is extremely harmful. Let me remind you that the silk ones mainly require soft hand wash with proper soap. So, don’t rub it off hardly by destroying it.

  1. Wearing thongs

Thongs might look sexy but wearing them at night is a big NO-NO. Wearing thongs at night causes a pelvic inflammatory disease. So, simply make sure you ditch wearing those “sexy-looking” thongs.

  1. Wearing the same underwear post-workout

Only if you’re someone who loves gyming and stuff, make sure that you change them after you’re done with your gym routine. As I mentioned, the sweatiness causes more harm. So, take a bath and change your undie on time.

These were the 7 underwear mistakes to avoid. Do you any queries? Leave a comment below.

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