You Won’t Believe Why Arjun Kapoor Believes In Live-In Relationships

The 2 States dude loves eating healthy, and that gets pretty evident when he digs into his ‘˜in-between interview’ snack, takes a mouthful and quickly chews it up only so that he can have a no-holds-barred conversation with us.

The 2 States dude loves eating healthy, and that gets pretty evident when he digs into his ‘in-between interview’ snack, takes a mouthful and quickly chews it up only so that he can have a no-holds-barred conversation with us. Critics think he got it easy because he’s a producer’s son, but he’s quick, like speed of light, when it comes to defending his current career status. “I am not one of those who woke up one fine day and said dad mere saath picture banao. I know my [email protected]#, and that’s one of the reasons my dad doesn’t have to stress much as I pretty much can cope with everything- from action to romance.”

Ask him if he’s a protective brother to Sonam Kapoor, pat comes the goofy reply, “I have stopped protecting her after she declared that I am a protective brother.” Currently he is busy with the rigmarole of talking some ‘cool’ stuff about his next film 2 States, and we catch up with him right at the nick of time. AK talks about his kissing chemistry with Alia Bhatt, his take on live-in relationships, his ‘strictly professional’ behaviour with Sonakshi Sinha and a lot more…

Why should people watch 2 States?

Most films that are generic rom-coms, all start on that ‘happily ever after’ note, with couples falling in love and blah blah. But 2 States starts on a different note because the story only begins after the protagonists are done exploring each other in the relationship. In our country, our culture has been such that we go ahead with the relationship and proceed on to marriage only after seeking blessings from our elders, and the movie shows all this in a very contemporary way.

Would you ever seek consent from your family if you happen to be in a relationship in real life?

I would do exactly what Krish does in the movie. I relate to the character so well. In 2 States the boy and the girl fall in love and desperately want to get married to each other. And even I believe that if a boy is serious about a girl he should give her the marriage of her dream.

You recently said in an interview that you love kissing Alia Bhatt…really, you do?

Our honest and candid nature and the way we say things in jest during interviews is often blown out of proportion. So, I really can’t help it.

You’ve had quite a journey from being a plump kid to a stud with six-pack abs; so have the tables turned; do people seek fitness tips from you now?

Well, people don’t exactly approach me for fitness tips, but they are way too curious about how I lost such an incredible amount of weight. And I tell them the same thing I have been saying to everybody. It’s a lifestyle thing. You have to incorporate changes in your diet and make a li’l bit of sacrifices here and there. So instead of white rice, I eat brown rice. I avoid deep fried stuff. I have quinoa every once in a while.

What’s your take on live-in relationships?

It’s a good thing. To each his own yaa and I am a firm believer of live-in relationships. If you are serious about someone, it serves as a teething period, helps discover if the marriage is going to work or no.

Alia said that she felt really awkward while doing the kissing scenes in 2 States…

Well, it’s pretty normal to kiss when your director asks you to do so and when the script demands it. It’s all done in front of the cameras. And obviously you don’t want to be a bad kisser. It’s a decent thing to have in your repertoire. And mark my words…all the kissing [email protected]# will be forgotten once the movie releases.

So do you seek inspiration from your uncle Anil Kapoor?

I think Anil Kapoor is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. He genuinely loves acting.

Is your family usually critical or do they just enthusiastically pat your back most of the time?

I think my family is extremely realistic. They are my silent backbone. Anil uncle for instance, was really happy that I chose to do an unsual film like Gunday which has this very retro feel, and mostly young actors don’t prefer doing such movies.

If you had to star in a remake of an Anil Kapoor film, which one would you choose?

I love Ram Lakhan. I also loved Parinda to the hilt. You know what, the list is endless.

Arjun, I’ve heard that you’ve got a huge collection of films. Which is that one film you invariably watch when you are low, depressed or plain tired?

I love Lock, Stock and the two smoking barrels. That’s one movie I can never get tired of watching.

Sonakshi Sinha recently said in an interview that you are not very over-friendly and very professional on the sets, why so?

I think she meant that in a good way. You know friendship is organic, it just happens in the course of time. I take that as a compliment as that meant I know my boundaries and behave just like a co-star.

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