Amazing facts: Beauty Of The Pink Lake in the Land of Kangaroos

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The wildlife that has red Kangaroos hopping around is human friendly. Their cuteness merges with the style of hopping with the help of two legs. Apart from the wonderful animal, the place has playing miracle with the hues of pink in the water of the Lakes.
The Pink lake with the horizon of the sandy islands has also made one more reason to visit Australia. No, part of the world can show you this unique connective beauty of nature and color. There is more than one lake that has a serene view of the Pink color water.

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Red Kangaroos have a length of 2.8m. Kangaroos are the popular animal which makes Australia their land. They survive as the marsupial in forests and areas of harvesting. One of the amazing facts of the continent is the highest availability is in New Guinea and Australia. They can jump about three to four-time higher than their height. Globally, tourists from different parts visit to meet the beautiful animal, Kangaroo.

They are grass eaters but have to be highly cautious about being hunted as prey. Yes, it is because of their hopping capability they can run away carrying their babies in their pouch.
While the incomparable care and love for the mother Kangaroos are known as Jill while the father or male is known as a mob. The infants have been always known as joeys!
When the trip for the Kangaroos is freshening similarly are nature’s visit to the pink lake.

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Pink Lake worth treat your eyes…

Amazing facts of the lake that show great transparency of color is due to the presence of the Dunaliella Salina.
The color changes due to the algae, it is a micro- halophile algae that have contributed to the beauty and uniqueness to the lake. Prone to survive in the atmosphere of salty water, apart from the D.Salina, the red pigments of the carotenoids are also partially responsible for the amazing hues of the lakes.
So, to blend feelings with the amazes of nature, the travel to these lakes is worthy.

Lake Mcdonell
The salty lake that has the wonderful hues of pink will remind of the mining of gypsum in 1919. Still, today a+fter mining, it is distributed to different parts of Australia, also the best tourist place for visitors. After flying to the Lake, the windmills and the Cactus beach is a place for holidays.

Lake Albert
When the amazing facts of the pink lake start to seek for more similar places, Lake Albert is another similar destination. About one hour and forty minutes drive from Adelaide the pink lake serves as the wetland with saline drips.

Finally the Lake Hart, it is at the outback of South Australia, with nature’s beauty. Trekking or flying to the islands discovering the amazing facts having lunch and enjoying leisure. Kangaroo island that is isolated as a dead island combining with the windmills and the transparency of Australia are the best parts of the continent.

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