Homeopathy Medicine Contribution to Covid-19 Registered Under ICMR

homeopathy medicine

With the continuous trial and error processes to find out the Covid-19 medicines in India, Homeopathy medicine has helped in improving and maintaining the health of the Covid-19 active cases. An Initiative led by Prof. Dr. Pradeep Gupta to research into the outbreak at the onset of the disease began in March with the permission from the Indian Council of Medical Research. ICMR has provided access to homeopathy for treating and hence finding a cure for this life-threatening disease of the novel coronavirus.

According to Prof. Dr. Gupta, his study of treating COVID 19 with Homoeopathic medicines has been highly encouraging and successful. It is providing rapid relief for the ailments within a timeframe of three to four days. Providing a great relief to more than 6000 COVID patients, his study indicates certain significance where the Homoeopathic medicines have been dispensed to the suffering patients.

Four medicines and their significances

Homeopathy treatment has been an ancient treatment in India thus contributing highly to the faith of the majority of India’s population in this form of treatment. The belief in homeopathy has led to the invention/ composition of medicines by observing the intensity of infection and the symptoms in the patients. It has helped in reducing the massive pressure on conventional healthcare and also helping in uplifting the wellness of people. Being the only registered homeopathy researcher in India under ICMR for coronavirus treatment, he has been working since March to provide treatment to the COVID patients. It was during this period where he discovered the four medicines that are enabling people to fight the battle and survive. These are:

  • Bryonia album 200 has been highly successful and worked in almost 80 percent of the sample size. The best part of this drug was that the symptoms such as body ache, cough, and fever improved within 2 to 3 days.
  • Arsenic Album: In cases where respiratory ailments are present, the patients responded well to Ars Alb.
  • Gelsemium serpervirens have shown better results during the month of September 2020 and most patients currently are responding to this particular drug instead of Bryonia album 200. The reason may be the sign of changes in the strain or features of the virus.
  • Pulsatilla has been rarely effective with the strain changes in the past few months.

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Gupta ensured that homeopathy treatment of Bryonia Alba worked for COVID-19 and has been seen while treating several people since March. But as the changes in the weather have been experienced from September and the strain of the virus has changed too which has led to the change in the drug. In recent treatment, Gelsemium is working competently compared to the earlier medicines. As per the requirement of the homeopathy medicine, the supply will be increasing accordingly. The distribution of about 1 lac medicines is on the way for the treatment.

homeopathy medicines

To what extent is coronavirus a deadly virus?

There are other deadly coronaviruses when compared to novel coronavirus. There is no reason to panic when such an infection occurs. All that is required is isolation and precautions. As far as the mortality rate is concerned, India has a good recovery rate as compared to other parts of the World.

Homeopathy medicine has proven its dedication to humanity during hard times when no solution was available. Prof. Dr. Pradeep Gupta, the founder and Chairman of Naiminath Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre has been successful in contributing to the effective treatment of COVID -19 patients.

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