5 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

health benefits of Chia seeds

Health benefits of Chia seeds – Chia seeds have slowly insinuated into the food industry to become one of the superfoods that is easy to digest, versatile in the usage and bears really standout health benefits.

Chia seeds are small black seeds otherwise known as Salvia Hispanica which is a close kin of mint. The plants mostly grow in South America. Both Aztecs and Mayans fed on Chia seeds back in time for its nutritional benefits. In fact, the word ‘Chia’ is derived from ancient Mayan dialect.

‘Chia’ means strength to them and was a dietary staple to them too. Here are some health benefits of Chia seeds you didn’t know:

Health benefits of Chia seeds –

  • Loaded with anti-oxidants, Chia seeds have the superpower to diminish the production of free radicals which can damage molecules thereby causing detrimental diseases like cancer. It is even said that Chia seeds contain more anti-oxidants than blueberries.
  • Weight watchers can consume Chia seeds for keeping in shape. It has only 12 gms of carbohydrate and 11 gms of fibre that help control the blood sugar. The fibre content in Chia seeds helps absorb 10-12 times their weight in water thus becoming a gel-like substance and expanding in your stomach. So, You feel full for a longer period of time and food cravings are curtailed.
  • There is 14% protein in Chia seeds which is pretty considerable as compared to the other plants. Chia is also replete with amino acid which helps our body to make use of the protein in them. The high protein compensates the nutrient needs of the body and keeps you healthy.
  • Same like flax seeds, Chia seeds are content with Omega-3 fatty acid which looks after your heart.
  • The ageing women can consume Chia seeds for bone nutrients present therein. These are inundated with calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein among which the 18% calcium content is pretty noticeable.

These are the most notable health benefits of Chia seeds so include it in your diet already.

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