Youngisthan’s Biggest Exit Poll Survey – Read This To Find Out How The BJP Is Going To Create A Unique Record In The State!

Yes, the BJP is going to create history for sure!

In Uttar Pradesh, the voting has been done for the Assembly elections held in 2017.

This time, the Uttar Pradesh elections have been the most interesting ones as compared to the last five elections. While travelling around Uttar Pradesh, we came to know, that this time people have voted on the basis of development and not caste. Due to the ban on notes and cash crunch last year, the election gurus felt that BJP was going to lose, but the public exceptionally supported the entire demonetization process by considering that it as a correct move. Many people revealed that due to this very demonetization, Rahul Gandhi too was seen standing in the line outside the bank.

This time, in Uttar Pradesh, the biggest factor of this year’s assembly elections is the youth. Most exit polls are prepared by ignoring the youth, while this time; in the north-east of Uttar Pradesh, it has been observed that the youth’s votes have been counted as they want to bring a massive change in the future and make it bright.

As I mentioned earlier that Youngisthan has travelled around UP, and that’s why based on that we came to know, that this time the uttar pradesh exit poll is going to be the most accurate one, because we have taken opinions of people from their homes. By not running any survey on mobile or internet, Youngisthan has dug the ground in all the seven places of the elections.

So, let’s take a look at Youngisthan’s biggest uttar pradesh exit poll, and know which party’s fortune is going to shine in the Uttar Pradesh elections.

Uttar Pradesh exit poll –

Narendra Modi has done an amazing job for the BJP.

uttar pradesh exit poll

According to Youngisthan’s biggest uttar pradesh exit poll of the BJP, in the year 2017, the BJP government is entirely forming Uttar Pradesh. Undoubtedly, BJP had lagged behind in the first phase of elections, but BJP’s performance in the second, third; fourth, sixth and seventh phase of election will be a wonderful one. In the elections of the seven phases, BJP’s development and Narendra Modi have been dominating the most. The people of Uttar Pradesh have already trusted Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav for some time now, but this time based on the recorded votes, the people of state want BJP to win.

According to the ground survey by Youngisthan, this time BJP will get around 274 seats.

The way Prime Minister Modi has campaigned in the last phase of the election, it can be said that he has done an amazing job. Many intellectuals have voted BJP because they think that at this time BJP can work on issues like development. BJP’s ideology is in development, whereas the rest of the parties are fighting only to keep themselves alive. There are many people in Lucknow who reveal that they have to play the drama of voting Samajwadi party. People of SP tend to scare others, but this time the people of Lucknow have supported Modi fearlessly.

Of the total assembly seats in the state, BJP is getting more than half of the seats. Based on the figure of 274 seats, Modi is going to set a unique record.


SP and Congress’ coalition will be broken.

uttar pradesh exit poll

The way both Akhilesh and Rahul Gandhi fought the entire election by partnership; there will be no benefit for both the parties. The position of SP was strong in the first phase of elections, but due to the lack of leadership everything failed.

The Samajwadi Party, which was seen getting the figure of 200 seats till some time before the election, but due to the family discord and the Congress, the coalition seems to be getting only 68 seats. If Akhilesh Yadav would’ve decided not to join Rahul Gandhi, then the position might have been better. Now, the trust of public has been entirely escaped from the SP. Honestly, Congress was not really fighting in the elections, it was just present to play with SP’s future in the state.

It’s really tough for the Elephant to survive now

uttar pradesh exit poll

Also, the exit poll of Youngisthan is telling that the name of the Bahujan Samajwadi Party is not being taken with pride anywhere in Uttar Pradesh. The ground reality is that Mayawati’s political career will be seen ending once the elections are over. When we went to those areas of Uttar Pradesh where the Dalit vote bank of the state is 20 to 24 percent, it was seen that there was a place in the hearts of the people for Mayawati. But the youngsters living in these places were also seen supporting Modi.

Now the most accurate and biggest uttar pradesh exit poll in Youngisthan is telling that the BSP will get some 35 seats in this assembly election. These seats are surely going to make Mayawati cry on the day of March 11. For Mayawati, it is being said that she has not been able to make proper speeches till date, and in such a situation, it is impossible for her to work on the developments in UP.

At the end, let us tell you that out of the total 403 seats of the Uttar Pradesh assembly, the others will get around 26 seats. Therefore, these seats of others will be better than the Congress. 

In Youngisthan’s next survey, we are going to tell you which BJP leader will be considered as the Chief Minister by the Janta. 

Are you excited?!

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