These 7 Countries Have Best Education System Unlike India

Countries that have best education system – It is a fundamental human right as per the constitution to acquire the best education. An educated person is held in high regard for serving the greater good. Nelson Mandela once said , “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  With great minds like him vouching for education as sagaciously, it becomes the inner-breath of a civilization. Of course, in a rapidly developing country like India, education is considered as the backbone of economy.

There is no denying that our education system is corrupt and dysfunctional and it is high time we have given it a new spin.

Our porous education system requires a sweeping change where parents across India spend quite a fortune to provide their children the rightful education. Sadly enough, an honest educational institute sounds more like an oxymoron in India and there are myriad mediocre educational institutes that are growing like ferns that are only plaguing the system, forget serving.

So, here are the names of some Countries that have best education system and it is treated with utmost important and institutes are tied with stringent rules:

Countries that have best education system

1 – South Korea:

South Korea’s spurt in the literacy level set an example for the world in the past few decades. There is equal-opportunity approach system where students can get access to elementary education.

2 – Japan:

Schools in Japan don’t corner students who possess lesser merit citing adversity in the psyche. They don’t hold exams until they reach fourth grade and there is no compulsory high-schooling in Japan.

3 – Finland:

Finland stands out for its innovating schooling system which promotes vocational training from the primary school itself. The schools teach practical financial skills to every student and all the schools are aided by the government.

4 – Singapore:

There is a striking similarity between Singaporean and Indian education system. Teachers weigh the ability of the student and treat them accordingly but Singapore’s education system is centralized, integrated and well-funded.

5 – Canada:

There is a remarkable maintaining of consistency in the Canadian educational system. The education is funded by federal departments and varies from province to province.

6 – Switzerland:

Education is compulsory for everyone even if someone is not holding the legal residency status. The education is funded by the state and a student only has to meet the expenses of the school supplies, books and school trips.

7 – Hong Kong:

The government have freed students from giving education fees until 12 years of their educational life. The public exams are also removed that hindered some students to enter high schools.

These are the Countries that have best education system – India should immediately take cue from these countries and hone the education system. If the nation wants to prosper, it needs more fertile minds and that’s that.

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