Being A Foreign University Student Adds Value To Your Resume! Yes? Or No?

Study Abroad

Studying abroad will add so much value to your Biodata!

How many times have you heard this while people trying to convince you or your parents to opt for foreign education?

Well, most college students hear this at one point or another during their time at college. In today’s progressing times it is becoming increasingly imperative to explore the other countries for the education and learning methods they are offering!

But what exactly are the professional benefits of studying abroad? Are there any, actually, that attract the potential employers towards a CV with a foreign university stamp?

Yes of course, some of those that we know, we bring to you:

It Sure Adds A Unique Attribute To Your Resume 

A foreign degree will instantly catch the employer’s eye and set you apart from the rest of the pack. In a country like India, where education system is yet not vouched to be the best, learning in another country which of course is advanced than the home country, appears to be an added benefit.  It is also a great tool to use to your advantage. When showing your portfolio or resume, don’t be afraid to point out your international education and travels. It’s a great way to impress the employer and create some meaningful conversation.

It Projects You As An Open Candidate To Travel 

Companies looking to hire people in extensive travel jobs, this becomes an immediate criteria to bring in the people who have stayed in different countries and have the tolerence to varied cultures and habitats. This is becoming increasingly important in our globally connected world and businesses getting spread far and wide. Studying abroad shows that you are not ethnocentric and you have the ability to adapt to other cultures, as well as any other situation you’re not familiar with.

Your Language Skills Are Pronounced Through Your Foreign Degree

If you happen to study abroad in a country with a language you’ve studied, be sure to include this out of the classroom experience. You used your second language in everyday life, quite an impressive achievement for a college student. Even if your study abroad country did not have a different language, it still shows that you adapted to the accents and slang terms and fine-tuned your listening skills. It brings out your attentiveness and fast learning skills. Which of course is a plus on your side.

Portrays Your Independent And Self Reliable Persona

As a young student, you travelled to another country, adapted to the new way of life, gained insight from an international education, and, most importantly, you did this all on your own. It shows confidence, independence, willpower, and an open mind, all wonderful qualities that an employer will be looking for. If you were mature enough to study abroad in college, you’re mature enough to enter the professional world. This sure is the biggest trait the hiring companies seek in the potential candidates,

The Connections That You Make In A Foreign Study Program 

An education is important, but so is having connections. Studying abroad has the potential to bring successful, experienced people into your life. Study abroad programs, such as CEA, are full of people that want you to succeed and are willing to share their experience with you. You’d be amazed at just how many people you meet, both nationally and internationally, that can help you get your foot in the door. This is especially true if you intern, work, or volunteer abroad or with a study abroad company. The people you meet through your study abroad experience, just might be the people that help you get that job interview in the first place.

So you see, the study abroad phenomenon is not all about bragging and boasting! It does bring a lot of added advantages and greatly multiplied chances to land a job of your dreams.

If you have the opportunity to get enrolled in a foreign university, do not let it go! Make the best of it.

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