5 Features That Could Have Been Part Of FIFA 15 But Isn’t

EA Sports has released its new version with FIFA 15 all set to rule the gaming consoles.

EA Sports has released its new version with FIFA 15 all set to rule the gaming consoles.

Over the past few weeks, EA Sports teased its fans with trailers and previews of the game that made the game-o-holics go gaga over it.

FIFA 15 has been treated to the top 50 players on the game as well as all the new impressive innovations and additions that have made a must have. The demos were already in the open but one just can’t wait to get its hands on that CD.

FIFA 15 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. EA Sports continues to release the game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii as well.

The makers have given some real-life additions to the game which gives a ‘real touch’. The FIFA 15 will include genuine player visuals, better liveliness and control, player sentiments and the very remarkable living pitch. Besides the features, according to us, there were some features that the makers missed out on. Which were they, take a look:

Managerial touch
If the players were real, why weren’t the managers given the names as well. The likes of Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola etc. to name a few; could have been mentioned in the game. Manager’s reaction, strategies, pep talks as well as stifling the referees could have a mention in the game.

Pundits talk in the manager mode
If we know EA Sports and its FIFA games over the years, many of us will be familiar with the career and manager mode. If this year, the makers went with a ‘real feeling’, well, we think if Sky Sports pundits or other former football greats, sharing in their views pre and post match. If that could be included, the game could have been livelier!

Post match presentations
After a football game, many of us would have seen a footballer being presented a trophy or a bottle of champagne as a ‘Man of the Match’ award. If this feature could have been part of FIFA 15, well, the likes of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could have been champions here as well.

Controversial statements
May be FIFA 15 could go ‘realistic’ in their virtual gameplay by giving it some spice. In the real world, managers and clubs as well, are known to release some controversial statements against a rival club or manager. If perhaps, FIFA 15 might have added this feature, the gamers would have been on cloud nine!

Have press-conferences feature
Wow, this addition might take the game to a whole new level itself! Just wonder, Cristiano Ronaldo has just been bought by you in the manger mode and beforehand, the former is ready to announce the confirmation of deal with a press-conference. Just like they do in real life, this could have been ‘crazy’ (in a positive note)

All in all, FIFA 15 is all set to hit the shops and from there, right into your gaming stations. Sit back, enjoy and have mesmerizing outing with EA Sports’ FIFA 15!

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