8 Money Secrets Rich Brats Are Holding On To! Here We Share With All!

Money secrets

They are hard-working and intellectual individuals, who went to a great school on scholarship, show up at work regularly, and fulfill all their responsibilities to the core.

They are investors sitting on a mountain of cash, spearheading diversified businesses, owning enormous real estate properties and assets, which are enough to support the next few generations.

No prizes for guessing that the first group of individuals represents the middle class of the society, while the latter is the capitalist class, aka the rich brats, as we fondly like to call them. Every now and then, it crosses our minds, that what and how do these billionaires think and act that separates them from the ordinary folks.

We did a bit of research and study, to unleash some of the money secrets which the super rich swear by, for minting money and drowning themselves in serious cash.

  1. Business Is A Money Game

“Business is a money game with few rules and a lot of risk,” says Bill Gates.

Well, not only Bill Gates, but the entire capitalist class perceives business as a game, where money is a token, and the balance sheet is considered as a score card. In fact, they are obsessed with this game. They want to see their money multiply. It doesn’t matter if they lose in the game, as it poses another opportunity to rebuild and thrive! Now think of a middle class family. They study hard at school, excel in academics, so that, eventually, they can work for someone else, and earn the money required for spending on a house and vehicle. Of course, they wouldn’t dare to fork over their hard-earned salary on things where there is a fear of loss!

  1. It Doesn’t Matter How The Market Performs

They are the shock absorbers! It doesn’t matter to them whether the market goes up or down, their approach would remain logical, practical, and intelligent. On the other hand, the common man would start panicking at the mere thought of stock market fluctuations and recession. They are way too emotional about their financial decisions.

  1. Take Risks And Move Ahead

While the plain folks would rarely think of taking a risk, the affluent class would follow the mantra of gaining knowledge, taking the risk, and moving ahead. For the rest of the world, they seem to be clearly lucky, but the truth is that they are always working hard, exploring opportunities, and making their own luck.

  1. They Perfectly Understand The Attributes Of Money

The working class considers money as a commodity, which is restricted, and once spent, does not come back. The affluent clan perceives each penny as capital, which can be converted to gain more and more money. While the average man would spend on satiating his desires of today, the rich guy would save it and let it grow to make it a fortune.

  1. Not Just A Single Source Of Income, But Many Of Them

The average man feels blessed to have a secured job with a plethora of benefits. He depends on his employer for his fat salary. But that’s precisely what he’s been trained to do, right? The elite class, on the other hand, would always be on the lookout for diversifying sources of income, as it not only reduces the risk, but renders the impetus to get rich.

  1. They Know Their Taxes

The mediocre office-going guy wouldn’t bother to understand the tax regulations. The capitalist class would make it a point to know the rules, or probably hire a good accountant, and explore options, to ensure that he still has lots of dough in his pockets.

  1. Focus On Passive Rather Than Active Income

Passive income can be generated from a variety of sources, such as, book & patent royalties, profits from being a sleeping partner in a business, rent from real estate, interests from bonds, stock dividends, and much more. All these occupations require a negligible amount of hard work and activity, thus rendering the receiver with free time to focus on other important aspects of business and life. On the contrary, the ordinary man slogs his way through to earn a living, with barely any time left for himself and his family. He forgets that one cannot become rich if he does everything by himself.

  1. Work On Projects That Would Render Return For Decades

While the common man would be toiling away for his monthly paycheck, the capitalist would be engrossed in developing a unique and enterprising concept, which would promise returns for decades. Both the jobs may demand to put in equal amount of efforts, but the outcomes, of course, are vastly different.

Now that you know the secrets of becoming super rich, step out of your comfort zone, and carve your own luck! Fret not, if you fail once in a while, because if you aren’t failing, you aren’t growing! You never know, you may just land up making the headlines in the papers! Of course, for the right reasons!

Just remember, if you want to be rich, you need to think like one!

All the Best!

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