This is How Russia Rolling Up the Sleeves For FIFA 2018

FIFA World Cup

So, FIFA World Cup is round the corner and Russia is rolling up the sleeves for welcoming the teams and fans. The 32 competing nations are now updated about their opponents in the group stage of the tournament.

64 matches are slated to be held in 12 stadiums in Russia.

There are five arenas that are already being set up. The name of the stadiums are Spartak Stadium in Moscow, the Fisht stadium in Sochi, the Kazan arena and the Saint Petersburg Stadium. All of these stadiums have lately hosted FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 in June and July of this year. However, the main venue of 2018 FIFA World Cup is Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium where the both the opening match and the final will be held. This is recently reopened and being remodelled to host a friendly match between Russia and Argentina.

Preparations of FIFA World Cup are in full swing at the seven other stadiums too where the stadiums will house scores of visitors from around the world.

The first match:

It will be held between Croatia and Nigeria whose venue Kalinigrad Stadium is 90 percent complete. The metal structure shell of the stadium has been nicely structured and weighs more than 15,000 tonnes. The decoration is underway and seats are being fitted in the stands.

2. The second match:

The second match will be held between Tunisia and England on 18th June at Volgograd Arena. The pitch is being built anew and the turf was even readied before the winter months. At the entrances of the stadium, coloured windows are being installed, in the stands, seats are being put and protective barriers are being raised around them too.

3. The third match:

This stadium which is likely to host the France and Peru match is called Ekaterinburg Arena. The match will be held on 21st June and the stadium is 98 percent complete so far. There are new lightening system, multi-media façade are being installed and the cultural heritage is being restored.

4. The fourth match:

The fourth match will be held between Sweden and Korea Republic on 19th June in the Mordovia Arena stadium which is laying new foundations on the pitch and planting new grass surfaces. The roof, façade and temporary stands of the stadium are being reconstructed too.

5. The fifth match:

It will be held between Brazil and Switzerland on 17th June in the Rostoz Arena whose roofs, lifts and escalators are being rebuilt. Work is going on the doors as well. The exterior of the stadium is being redeveloped too.

6. The sixth match:

The sixth match will be held on Samara Arena on 17th June between Costa Rica and Serbia. The roof is being honed and decorations are going on too, mostly in the façade and internal facilities. Work on the pitch is going on too.

FIFA World Cup – So that Russia is all set to host the most extravagant sports event in the world, have you booked your tickets already?

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