Freida makes Gorilla hotter and dirtier for Bruno Mars!

Poised and elegant Freida Pinto shows her hotter side in Bruno Mar’s latest video, ‘Gorilla’!

And she is back! Where had she gone anyway? Freida Pinto has always been in the news, be it for those hot photo shoots, appearance at Cannes or moving in with Dev Patel. But, this time we got to see what is called the other side of this rather elegant version of Freida Pinto.

In Bruno Mars’s latest video Gorilla, Freida has shown us her hotter side as Isabella, the ‘new girl in town’, who stubs her cigarette in another girl’s drink and leaps at the pole like she owns it. Phew! The hotness has found a new attitude in Frieda’s pole dance as she unzips her black leather jacket. Does Bruno Mars get a chance to feel luck? Hell yeah! Please hold your dropping jaws when you see Freida getting hot and heavy with Bruno.

If that’s not enough to impress you, we will give you five reasons, why you won’t be able to get your eyes off Freida!

1. After dismissing Sonakshi’s attempt to impress us by coming out of water in a sari and broader than ever, Freida, in this video, steams up the stage with her smooth and toned body. Especially, those sexy legs.

2. If it was a Mallika Sherawat or Veena Mallik, they would have grossed you out with their overacting and useless pouting by now. But in this video we would like to thank Freida that the heavy duty scenes between her and Bruno don’t dawdle unnecessarily. That’s just the right amount of oomph and sexiness to amp-up the heat!

3. This video makes up for PeeCee’s apologetic attempts of feeling exotic in the company of Pit Bull. Thank you Freida! For being so exotic and making Bruno look like a side-kick.

4. Alright! We agree that a body double was used to slither on the pole but when you see that bold face that prowls like a pro, we wouldn’t complain if some sex happened on that stage!

5. It is an ultimate treat to watch Freida making an eye contact with Bruno as she seduces his guitar and then sets it on fire. That woman talks with her eyes and makes statements with every move. Way to go Miss Pinto!

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