Teas to store in your office drawer

Don’t just rush to the tea machine everytime you need a kick and stock your drawer with these instead…


This is purely out of personal experience. I was always a coffee addict and never quite a tea drinker. During my first job, I got hooked to drinking tea because it seemed like a way of life in the office. It was a newspaper’s office and everyone around me was sipping down cups and more cups of tea throughout the day. So, I also got that habit and then came a point when I couldn’t begin to write without a piping hot cuppa of masala chai on my desk. And with those three cups of authentic Indian chai with a teaspoon of sugar in each, I had put on enough weight to get the other people notice it. Needless to even imagine what all bad it must have done to my health.

That is when I learnt about the different kinds of teas and what each does to you. I didn’t want to let go of my love for tea but I tweaked it a bit. I started drinking a variety of teas, including some herbal blends, through the day and this is what I have for you here. Don’t just run to the coffee machine everytime you need a kick, instead go on a tea shopping and stock your office drawer with these varieties.

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea: We all have read and heard how much green tea benefits the body but I have met quite a lot of people who don’t like its flavour. Firstly, try and avoid getting those tea bags because the leftover and worst produce gets packed in those bags which you happily buy from the store down your building. The reason why I am recommending this particular tea is because it doesn’t comes in tea bags, when you open the cap you can see that the leaves are of a reasonably good quality and the flavour is the best I have had so far in this price range. It doesn’t get bitter like others and has a nice undertone of tulsi. Start you day with it and you know the rules, no sugar and no milk. You can get it from a gourmet store or a Fabindia outlet.


Girnar’s Lemongrass Tea: This is my favourite. I love the flavour of lemongrass. It doesn’t hit you like your overloaded masala chai or lemon tea that you get from that machine in office. This tea is mild and the taste lingers with you for long. You can actually feel it going down your throat, leaving behind a wonderful flavour. Have it when you have a few minutes to enjoy your cuppa and relish it like a true tea lover. You can get it from any of those gourmet stores if not a general store near your house. It comes in a pack of premix sashes and all you have to do is mix one in a cup of hot water. No need to add sugar.

Earl Grey Tea: You can choose from any of those good brands out there in the market. It’s a blend with a distinctive flavour which is derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of an aromatic citrus fruit, bergamot orange. It is said to be having many benefits like it acts as an antioxidant, antidepressant and also aids in digestion. It’s quite a popular tea so you can easily get it from any of those general or tea stores.  





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