Ladies, Apply These Magical Home Remedies And Get Rid Of Your Facial Hair!

Facial Hair Remedies

Facial hair remedies – Growth of facial hair is quite natural but the main problem arises when you’re growing up and then the unwanted hair starts affecting the beauty. Don’t you agree?

No women wish to have the facial hair because quite obviously many can’t tolerate the embarrassment caused due to it. And thus to solve the unwanted growth of facial hair; many women try some hair removal products which are sometimes very effective & results into damaging the skin.

Ladies, I certainly understand the feeling of awkwardness when the hair are grown in the area of upper lip, chin etc. (It’s too much…)

But, no need to cry more because here is the list of facial hair remedies that works for best.

  1. Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon Juice and Honey are the best combination and it certainly helps a lot to clear out the facial hair. All you need to do is- Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 4 tablespoon of honey altogether.

Once it is done; apply it on your face (areas where the unwanted hair are growing) and keep it for about 15 minutes min. Later, remove the mask by using a warm cloth.

  1. Barley Powder + Milk + Lemon Juice

Barley scrub is already known to be a lot more beneficial to treat hair problems quickly. In order to remove the unwanted facial hair; mix barley powder, milk and lemon juice altogether thoroughly.

Once the paste is already; apply it on the face (a little more on the areas of unwanted hair) and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Later, remove the mask by using a warm cloth.

  1. Lentil (Masoor Dal) + Honey

Grind the lentil and get its powder ready. Later add powder into honey and mix it altogether. Once the paste is ready; apply it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes min. After that; wash your face off. Apply it daily at-least 2 times to get a quick result.

  1. Banana and Oatmeal

Banana is very advantageous to clear up many health problems & it also deals with facial one. Mix banana and oatmeal and later apply it on the areas of unwanted growing of hair and leave it for about 15 minutes.

Later, you are free to rinse it off.

  1. Turmeric

One of the best options is to keep applying the turmeric. Make its thin paste and apply it onto your face. Keep it for 30 minutes or you can also apply it before you sleep at night and later in the washing you are free to wash your face and see the result.

Make sure- you try & work on this daily at-least twice a day.

  1. Rose Water and Alum

Mix alum powder into the rose water & try dissolving it as much as you can. Keep a cotton ball with you and dip it into the paste & apply it on the areas of unwanted hair.

Leave it for about 30 minute’s min and later wash your face clearly.

These are facial hair remedies to get rid of facial hair. Apply the above mentioned facial hair remedies and get rid of it quickly.

Any thoughts? Do comment below.

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