Listen Up All You Beautiful People! Here Are 5 Easy Foods That Help You Stay Young!

We all want to stay young and are ready to do whatever it takes to stay healthy and fit. Here are some of the most efficient anti-ageing food items that you must include in your diet.

Finally the magical foods are here that can relieve us of our ageing worries!

That too in our everyday diet!

Nobody wants to get older.

I want to look and feel young even when I am 60. But is it really possible? Scientists have been trying to stop the ticking clock of aging but haven’t been successful. But what if you could in include some super healthy food items that can delay the aging process? What if, just by including these items in your meals, you can actually stay young longer and healthier?

Prevention is better than cure so why get to the cure stage when you can stop at prevention?

Here are five awesome food items that can prolong your life and not let those wrinkles show on your face!


One of my favorite fruit/vegetable (the debate continues!), tomatoes are god’s gift to mankind. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that can combat free radicals (molecules or ions that can damage healthy cells and suppress your immune system). Include them in your daily diet and see the miracle happen! Tomatoes also help protect against cancer and you can make many face packs and masks with the red wonder.


We mean any kind of nuts including almonds, walnuts, cashews and pecans are great for the skin. You can have them on their own or add them to your salads, vegetables and shakes. Walnuts are high in desirable omega 3 fats and omega 3 is excellent for the skin. Even almonds soaked overnight are a great start to a day and help in strengthening the brain. Irrespective of the season, you can have them in not too large quantities every day.

Green Tea

It has become a fad these days to drink anything that claims to be green! But our very own green tea is actually healthy as it contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These compounds heighten levels of fat oxidation and thermo genesis (a state created in the body by burning fat as fuel). Green tea helps you lose weight and prevents cancer and heart diseases. Have two cups a day to see a fitter you in a month.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurts, raitas and curd have been part of our meals since time immemorial. But not many know about its nutritious value and how helpful it is when it comes to constipation and indigestion. Low in calories but rich in protein, plain yogurt has bacteria that promote digestive health. For that glow on your skin, have a bowl every day with your main meals. It also takes care of your calcium intake and Vitamin B12.


Most of our body is water and so is earth. The most underestimated item is water that helps in almost all the organs functioning right. Without water, you feel lethargic, tired and sick. A minimum of 11.5 litres/day of water is required by the body. If you are having the right amount of water, you wouldn’t need any of the artificial products to get that glow. Water helps fight pimples, keeps our digestive system healthy and keeps us happy. Believe it or not, a thirsty person will find it hard to smile!

So all you have to do is have lots of water, make a salad of tomatoes, nuts and yogurt while sipping on your green tea. Well, not exactly in the same order! And don’t forget to flash that beautiful smile!

And you shall stay young forever! Amen. 

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