4 Important Things to Know Before You Start With Your Internship

We give you a checklist on things you should know before you start your internship. Read on!


Having nailed the interview, you’re all ready to join the internship you bagged. You’ve already taken the first step towards a bright career. What next? Apart from knowing about all the food joints and restaurants nearby the new place (I know what was the first thing you enquired about the place), there are a number of other things that needs to be verified before you finally join the place. We give you a checklist on things you should know before you start your internship. Read on!

1. Run a background check on your company

In case you’re interning with a renowned brand you’ve known about since a long time, it is always an added advantage to know about their work culture, latest news, and also about the executive you’ll be reporting to. However, if you bagged an internship with a not so branded or renowned company, it is important that you know everything about the company. Right from the origin, to vision, to employees (I am sure you’ll find someone on the media websites), to achievements of the company and if possible the clients as well.

2. Prepare yourself as a corporate worker

It is a common career advice to be prepared for the job even when you’re interning. No, you need not shell out a lot of money on getting yourselves a pair or two of formals, but all you are required to do is to be groomed and wear clothes that are wrinkle free. 

3. Know the purpose of your internship

While applying for internships, it could be quite probable that you did not get the perfect fit and settled for the second choice.  But there is  nothing to be disheartened about it. Remember that, you’re there to gain experience and enhance your talents, so as to know which area are you highly skilled in. Having a prioritizing and problem solving attitude always helps you achieve extra brownie points from your senior. 

4. Learn to be a team player

To shrug off your internship as if it were just another exam you’re taking, would be something that could affect your input. Even if your work seems unimportant, your presence would be noticed and appreciated, if the people around you are able to gear up and perform their duties better. Know that you’re a part of the team and only if you contribute fully, will the team be happy and your work appreciated. 

You scored this internship over a number of other applicants. So make sure you brainstorm yourself before you start with it. Prove to your employers that they made the right choice by choosing you over other applicants and you never know, you might soon be an employee of the company.

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