Fibre and Vitamin C-Infused Pasta

A preparation for health conscious people who want something more out of their pasta than just the flavour’¦


Our palates has evolved from the basic macaroni in a red or a white sauce, tossed with veggies to a more refined taste where we are concerned about the kind of oil that goes into making the pasta and the finer, more subtle flavours it brings out. We have also started looking at it in a different light – as a healthy meal option and not just for the taste.  Even I have stopped ordering pastas at restaurants which are loaded with sauces and cheese and instead go for a lighter variation which is just tossed in olive oil and some seasonal veggies.

So here’s a preparation for all those health conscious people who want something more out of their pasta than just the flavour. Heat olive oil in a sauce pan and throw in some chunks of chopped garlic, as much as you prefer. When it turns slightly golden, add a little less than half a teaspoon of chilli flakes and about a heaped handful of cherry tomatoes, slit into halves. Season with salt and pepper and cook on a low flame until it develops a thick sauce-like consistency.

Meanwhile, boil pasta in a separate pan according to the instructions on the packet and add around 50 grams of chopped kale in the final two minutes of cooking. When it’s tender, drain the water out and add the pasta and kale to the sauce and stir well. Top it with a dollop of fresh ricotta, a drizzle of pesto and some parmesan shavings. Savour!   


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