7 Interesting Exercises To Do With Your Partner To Have A Little More Fun!

Exercises To Do With Partner

Exercises To Do With Partner – Yes, you can work out with your partner.

If you were always looking for exercises to do with your partner, then this is it. It’s okay, if your partner doesn’t want to come with you in the gym, because these are the exercises that you can do at home. Isn’t that cool?

You can have FUN and you can stay FIT as well.

So, whenever you are free or are in an exercise mood, then just try these exercises at home and have a good time together. ( Exercises To Do With Partner )

  1. Ball Pass

This one is simple, and you’ll enjoy doing with a smile. Be fast and let the fun begin. All you need to do is, sit back to back, and bent your knees, and heels on the ground. Keep passing the ball, left to right. Also, switch directions, so that you both can have equal chance.

Exercises To Do With Partner

  1. Chair Squats

Confused? Do not be, it looks like this. Seems easy now? All you need to do is, stand back-to-back with your partner, and link your arms. Keep your feet out in such a way, that when you both have enough space to sit down and get up easily.

Exercises To Do With Partner

  1. Linked arm pistol squat

This one is easy as well. All you need to do is, face your partner and grasp each other’s wrists, so that your arms are crossed between you. Once you’re done, raise your left feet, and bent right knees to sit back into one-legged squat.

You can switch your leg as well.

Exercises To Do With Partner

  1. Bicycle Move

Lie down on your back, keep your hands behind your head, and press the sole of your foot to your partner’s. Once you’re in the pose, start cycling i.e. bend one knees and extend another. Also, take turns to look left and right at the same time.

  1. Leg Circles

Place a yoga mat; now sit on the opposite sides. Face each other, keep your palms touched on the mat, near your hips, and slightly bent a little. Raise your legs, and try to do the circle thing.

Exercises To Do With Partner


  1. Sit up

This is a sit up with a smooch. Surprised? Hehe! Tell your partner to lie down on his back, soles pressed. It’s your turn to kneel down on his Feet, and get into a plank pose. As soon you as your partner starts performing sit-ups, lean in to kiss him. (Here’s an example)

  1. Planks Slap

This one is interesting too. Both should get into a plank position, facing each other. Make use of both your hands one at a time. Slap your hands with each other. The best is complete A –Z using both your hands.

Exercises To Do With Partner

Just in case you’re not getting how to do it, watch YouTube videos. These are the best exercises that a couple can do to stay “Fit and Fine” together.

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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