5 Effective Exercises To Pull In Your Stomach In Just Two Weeks!

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat – There are many out just like you who are looking for ways that’ll help them flatten their stomach in maximum 2 weeks. They want to get rid of their bloated belly, and reduce the belly fat as soon as possible. You know; many want to avoid that situation where people come and ask “Hey, are you pregnant?” Trust me; there are many who face this situation.

Anyways, in order to get rid of belly fat in just two weeks, you need to perform some exercises. Note that getting results so quickly is not always an easy task because you need to continuously keep on working out. So with right techniques and right moves, try to bring a change in your body.

These are 5 exercises to reduce belly fat.  

  1. Forearm Plank

Plank exercises actually work to reduce belly fat. Early in the morning, do a plank exercise and then see the difference. All you need to do is, life face-down with elbows bent and your legs extended. Bent elbows and clasp your hands together. Keep a little distance in your legs wide apart. Tuck your toes and lift your body in that straight position from head to toe.

Hold that position for about 1 minute.

  1. Twist Crunches

This tummy exercise is actually very effective and should be done to reduce belly fat. In this exercise, lie down on the floor and keep your hands behind your head. Start doing crunches, bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor. In twist crunches, lift you right shoulder to the right side, and then do the reverse thing.

Repeat this exercise for at-least 5-8 minutes daily.

(Image Source – Continental Crunches)

  1. Bicycle move

In this exercise, you certainly don’t need a real bicycle because your body can perform the exercise. All you need to do is, lie down on the floor, keep your hands behind your head. Now, lift your legs off the ground and bend knees. Bring your right/left knee close to your chest and the other leg away. Start doing the paddle exercise and continue with it for at-least 5 minutes.

(Image Source – YouTube)

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

  1. Standing Side Stretch

Stand and keep a distance in between your legs. Now bend your body to the right side as much as possible till you feel a twist on your left waist. Make sure that your right hand is on your hips, and left hand is raised upwards.

Keep bending left to right, and right to left and continue doing it for about 10 minutes.

(Image Source  – Style Craze)

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

  1. Running

Running is the best exercise that you can do to reduce your belly fat. Maintain a fix time and start running at-least 30 minutes daily. Trust me; you’ll see the changes in your body, and burn calories too.

(Image Source – The New York Times)

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

This was all about the exercises to reduce belly fat. 

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