Is Your New Relationship Just A Rebound? Figure Out With These Simple Signs

rebound relationship

Being in a rebound relationship means you have found someone who makes you feel the same like you used to in your previous relationship.

It’s just something that makes you feel fine about your last relationship and the truth is that you are still not over your ex.

So, how to figure out whether the relationship you are in is a rebound or not?

Well, find out yourself with the help of these signs that directly say you’ve rebound relationship:

1. You got into this relationship right after your breakup

Just because you were too anxious or sad over your breakup, you didn’t take much time in getting into this new relationship. In fact, you didn’t even realize how it started so soon.

2. You just like that person but not love them

That person looks good and you like spending time with them but when it comes to love, you are not able to figure out whether you really love them or not.

3. You still think about your ex

When a relationship is for real, you forget your past completely. But in your case, you still think about your ex everyday which clearly indicates that you are still not over your ex and you are rebounding in this new relationship.

4. Your partner resembles your ex

Either the name, looks or some habits of your current partner resembles your ex. This simply states that you got into this relationship just because of your ex and you are still in love with them and not with this person.

5. You are taking things very slow

If this relationship was for real and you were not just rebounding, then you wouldn’t have any problem in taking things at their pace. Instead, you are moving it slow, which means you don’t want to move ahead with this relationship and hope for your ex to come back.

So this is all about rebound relationship.  If these are the signs that you can relate to, then clearly your relationship is a rebound. It’s better for you to finish it because it’s neither good for you nor the person who has no idea about it.

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