5 Wacky Ways To Say Goodbye To Leave A Lasting Impression On Others

Wacky ways to say good bye

Wacky ways to say goodbye!

Saying goodbye is not something that people enjoy doing, but situations demand it.

Though the entire concept of saying goodbye may appear humble, what’s interesting about the same is the different ways by which you can accomplish it.

Every language has its variant of goodbye – adiós in Spanish, au revoir in French and auf wiedersehen in German.

Though these words are fancy, they do not leave a lasting impression. Some people might even perceive you as a snob for knowing a foreign language and trying it on them.

Moreover, if you have to say the same phrase to numerous individuals at a time, using “goodbye” for every single one of them seems daunting (and lame, at the same time).

Here I highlight different ways through which you can part ways with other people, while leaving a lasting impression on them –


“Farewell to thee. May the forces of evil be confused on the way to your house”


Now, that’s something freaky. Using words like farewell and evil in the same sentence is bound to scare the bejesus out of the toughest person you have come across. Besides, people will remember you for a long time for talking like that.


“I will see you in hell”

see you in hell

This phrase works better if you use it for someone religious; someone who quotes religious texts time and again. They would definitely expect to land in heaven, but a greeting like the aforementioned will give them second thoughts.


“Take the left instead of right. You will reach home soon”

reach home soon

Your objective is to help them reach their place early; or is it??? Show them a direction that takes double the time for the individuals to reach their destination. They will surely curse you for misguiding them, but they will think of you.


“So long. Don’t let self-doubt interfere with your plans to improve your life”


Well, this sounds like a realistic opinion. It will be weird and force them to question their life decisions. The moment they leave the scene, you will have occupied their mind. They wouldn’t even get mad at you because you are just providing practical advice.


“Don’t let the squirrel on that tree steal your nuts”


Sure, now that’s a double meaning phrase. You have definitely got them worried and every step they take, their mind would be focused on the squirrel that may or may not jump from one of the trees alongside the road.


Saying goodbye the traditional way can get boring after a certain time. Try altering your variations time and again.

If you have any more wacky suggestions, do let us know.

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