9 Things World’s Rich And Wealthy People Do But You Aren’t


We always wonder how rich people become rich right.

Thomas Corley, the author of Rich Habits: The daily success habits of wealthy individuals, documented lives of both rich as well as poor people and understood their activities. He concluded that it is the daily habits that are the reason for your wealth or poverty.

He said, “These habits are like snowflakes – they build up, and then you have an avalanche of success.”

And he also said one more thing that those who are not born wealthy have greater chances of becoming financially successful.

This is great revelation as recently there were reports that suggested how 62 people in the world possess half of the world’s wealth. This gap is huge and this is big problem to tackle.

After learning this thing it’s better to buck up ourselves and work hard so this disparity goes down. If cynics think that this is impossible then fyi these wealthy people have not inherited wealth but are self-made.

So it is important to shun all excuses and get started.

Those are still wondering what make wealthy people wealthier then scroll down below  to know some factors which make them stand out from the rest of the world.

  1. They set goals and achieve them

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail and this line is taken seriously by rich people. They make sure that they plan out everything in writing- short as well as long term goals. Average people just wish but rich people set goals- achievable goals.

  1. They have daily to do lists.

Average people do not set goals or maintain even to do lists unlike wealthy people. Rich people also have daily to-do lists and these people even complete 70% or more of those listed tasks of particular day.

  1. They take care of themselves

As per one of the researches, wealthy people eat and drink healthier in comparison to poor. They make sure that they get up early, spare time for exercise and workouts and opt for nutritional food.

  1. They spend less and invest more.

Many people do not know that rich people are rich because they are frugal and not indulgent as we think. Mark Zuckerberg still uses drives a Volkswagen GTI and Google founder Sergey Brin still shops at CostCo.

  1. They do not waste time doing gossiping or watching TV

They will hardly be seen in front of idiot box (TV) and gossiping about how their neighbours treated them in party or so. They make sure they have good habits (like reading or watching only informative content) as that will eventually help them in long run.

  1. They take risk, they fail but they know how to tackle problems

It’s not like that every billionaire made it success in one shot. They strive hard, fail but never give up. For them this is an experience to learn from not like poor who label failure as bad luck and quit trying.

  1. They believe in learning every day.

It’s vital for all of us to learn something every day. Rich people try and learn everyday new things and believe in self-improvement as this will eventually help them to grow and their venture as well. But many think that after their formal studies they should just bid good bye to books or learning.

  1. They go beyond their work.

Poor people remain poor as they think “it’s not in my job description” so why should I do.

  1. They talk less and listen more.

Wealthy people are good communicators as they first listen and then they say. they give importance to learning from the other person.

From this post you might have come across how rich people just do things differently and do not do different things.

They are just like us and any one (if they want to) can be rich.

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