11 Popular Places in India Where Christmas is Celebrated in Style

Christmas is knocking at the door and we will be ushered into festivities in a matter of 5 more days. Goosebumps here! While you are rolling up sleeves and the preps are in full swing, where to party, what to wear, which cathedral to visit, you are also ought to know the places in India where Christmas is celebrated with all the pomp and grandeur.

The biggest benefit of living in a secular yet diversified country as ours is that you can be a part of each other’s festivities. Like Muslims, Christians or Sikhs take part in Durga Puja with equal zeal as the Hindus, Hindus too pile up plum cakes and attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve, dig into yummiest of Biriyani during Eid, that’s how we roll!

Now, here are the names of some places where you can completely attend the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and have a gala time thereafter:

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata:

It is known to be the largest Cathedral in Kolkata. Seat of the Diocese, St.Paul’s Cathedral dates back to 1847 which is the first Episcopal Church in all of Asia, flocked in by the Anglo-India community of Kolkata during Christmas-Eve. The name of the street itself is Cathedral Road where St. Paul’s is located.

Christ the King Church, Kolkata:

This happens to be one of the oldest catholic churches of India which is located in the heart of Park Circus, Kolkata. You transcend the barriers of real and drench in spirituality once entering the place. The interiors are beautiful and tranquil.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Delhi:

This Roman Catholic Cathedral is located at the Connaught Place and happens to be the largest and oldest Church of Delhi. It holds the biggest ceremony during the Christmas Eve, with thousands of people attending it.

Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Delhi:

It is located in a fleeting distance of Rashtrapati Bhavan this church was visit by the viceroy of pre-Independence India. This is unmistakably one of the beauteous churches of India which opened for general public on January, 1931.

Mount Mary’s Basilica, Mumbai:

This is one of the most popular churches in Mumbai for holding the gorgeous midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The church is located in Bandra where the carols start around 11.30 pm. The main attraction, however is that this Church is 100 years old and the Statue of Mother Mary probably belongs to the 16th century which was brought by Jesuit Priests from Portugal.

St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai:

St. Thomas Cathedral is one of the first Anglican Churches in Mumbai located in the Veer Nariman Road. It was built in 1718 by the East India Company. The place Churchgate derived its name from the Church.

St.Mary’s Basillica, Mumbai:

Located in Shivaji Nagar, St. Mary’s Basillica  is deemed as one of the oldest churches in India. The crowd is beyond measure during the Christmas Eve because there is a common belief that Mother Mary grants all the wishes of devotees made during the Christmas Eve.

Holy Trinity Church, Bengaluru:

Back in 1851, the church was built by the British Regiment stationed in Bengaluru which can easily house up to 700 people. It is also believed to be the largest of the Military Churches in South India.

San Thome Church, Chennai:

It was built on the tomb of St. Thomas, Chennai’s Christian community flock in here during the Christmas Eve. This church has a museum, a library and a book shop in tow.

St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Thiruvanthapuram:

Staunchly known as the Palayam Palli, St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral is renowned for the Gothic-style architecture. It is the Seat of Diocese in Thiruvanthapuram.

The Basillica of Bom Jesus, Goa:


This one holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Hence, it was declared as the World Heritage Sight by UNESCO. It holds true with the Baroque style architecture in India. Basically a tourist attraction, the Church is overly crowded during Christmas Eve.

These are the places you can visit to attend the Christmas Carol. So, gear up and go for it. Ring in Christmas in style. Oh, Merry Christmas in advance.

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