Ask Your Crush Out Even Without Asking!


We all have has those days where we sat at a corner and stared endlessly at the guy we crush on!

His smile, his swag, his style – they have made you fall on your face.

You have wished deep inside that you were dating him, but never had the guts to go up and ask him out!

Well, let’s discuss some simple ways how to date your crush even without asking!

Let your style do the talking:

Why do you need to dress down and make yourself look nervous? Get some fashion magazines, find out the latest trends and try on new styles that suit you and makes you comfortable! Let your clothes do the talking! Dress to impress. The guy is bound to notice you for sure!

Let your friends do the talking:

Who said only men have wingman? Even women are allowed the same! But make sure you pick the right friend who wouldn’t end up dating him (haha) or one that would go to any extent to spill out the best about you to him! Best is to use a friend of the opposite sex- that way you’re safe in all manner!

Get his number:

No, don’t get it slyly and text him – it will creep him out! Make sure he has noticed you or find some reason to text him – a reason that could help you to be in conversation with him properly and then develop it from there. Do not show off during your texts and neither should you act like a shy cat. Be yourself and continue your conversation with him!

Let him like you for who you are!

It is super hard to ask out someone when you know you are the shy type! But it is even worse, when you don’t ask them out and they end up with someone else – your love story reaches a sad ending.

Why let such an instance happen in your life?

Go ahead and create your own easy way to ask out your crush!

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