Things Muslims Can Do In India But Not In Other Countries

being a muslim in India

India is a culturally rich and diverse country where you can see various things altogether in harmony.

It doesn’t matter how much hatred some extremists try to spread and how some riots happens out of the blue because of dirty politics, because we have seen Indians living in much more harmony than it is shown.

No, don’t take my word on this, but this girl named Zara Razaq, who is a muslim living in India told everyone on Quora what all she can do being a muslim in India here and how great she feels to be a part of this country.

Her answer will make you feel proud and lucky to be an Indian:

“I really don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade but how does that answer the question? Anyone would be allowed to practice and accept the culture of any place they live in anywhere in the world! And no one would care if they are leaving their roots in the process. How is that tolerance in any sense of that word?? So let me write an objective answer from the point of view of a practicing Muslim who does NOT celebrate hindu festivals nor pray to hindu gods and practices pure monotheism which is one of the most basic tenets of Islam. And it is MY choice just like it is other muslims choice to participate.

How is India for such Muslims?

My view is not much different. India really is an awesome country for ALL Muslims. Some things you can do here but not elsewhere:

  • You can have your own personal law board (patriarchal muslims have actually made it a bane though)
  • You can wear your faith on your sleeves and nobody is going to stare or think something is out of place. India has been a much more accepting society inspite of hinduism and Islam having some basically clashing beliefs. Compare that to the west which should technically have a better understanding but just see Muslims as aliens. Just proves why India is MUCH MUCH better.
  • You are not expected to leave your beliefs behind, take off your hijab (or do away with the beard for men) and completely mix in just to find a job or make a living. In fact these don’t even matter here.
  • You are not detained, doubted or suspected wherever you go
  • You have and can exercise full rights. You are not considered as much of an outsider as you are considered in the West.
  • People will not see you as uneducated, illiterate or oppressed just because you are a Muslim
  • People will be very accepting even if you don’t participate in their rituals or culture.
  • People don’t attack you in your daily lives just for being Muslim. Any news report you’ll see is due to dirty politics.
  • You are NOT teased for your beliefs or made fun of
  • You won’t face xenophobia

Are there no problems Muslims faced? Surely not. “

This is what being a muslim in India – When I read this answer – being a muslim in India, I felt proud to be a part of a country where there is such cultural diversity.

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