Is Life Possible Without Computer? Yes It Is! We Tell You How!

Today, people are busy with their personal gadgets and have no time for their families. Life without these widgets seems impossible. We bring for our readers 5 steps using which they can take time off from these addictive gadgets.

In today’s world, life without a computer, tablet, laptop, or the internet sounds impossible.

Though, in reality, there are alternatives for all these gadgets. Life will not come to a standstill without these devices. We only need to find options.

We bring our readers 5 steps to prepare self for a gadget-free life, or at least spend a few hours or days (if at all you want), without computers and other widgets.

1: Make a List:

The first step is to make a list of all the things one does on these gadgets, including chatting, listening to music, watching movies, and more. This list will help in looking out for substitutes whilst the computer is not available.

2: Practice Reading & Writing:

Our generation has given up reading printed books and writing on paper. To prepare oneself for a life without a computer, it is important to practice reading and writing. Get printed books, newspapers, and writing pads. Do away with Word Doc, Notepad, and other applications.

3: Keep Alive the Passion of Watching Movies:

Do not give up your passion for movies. Arrange for a DVD player or TV with a USB port to watch all the movies you planned to enjoy on your computer or laptop!

4: Look Out for Your Old Transistor:

The music fanatics may listen to their favorite tunes to their heart’s content on their transistor. It would surely get back childhood memories for some of us!

5: Get Back to Texting or Talking:

SMS have become a thing of the past and people now only use chats on social media & other applications. Practice texting on your mobile phone, or simply call instead of typing, while you are away from computers and laptops!

Advanced technology has changed our lives completely. Undoubtedly, we all have a great obsession for these gadgets and we cannot even think of spending a day without them. However, this article aims to highlight how we have become dependent on these widgets and though life seems unimaginable without them, it is not completely impossible to stay away from them.

In today’s era when family members have no time for each other, and each one is busy with their personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, and more, it is a welcome change to do away with these devices and to spend time together.

Try to keep yourself away from these devices, if not for always, but for at least few hours a day. Let us know if it was a good experience or not!

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