9 Struggles You Face When Giving Advice Is Not Your Forte

Problems giving advice

Your personality somewhat resembles Chandler Bing from American sitcom Friends when you have problems giving advice to other people.

Nevertheless, replying to their query with “I’m not good at giving advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” is not recommended.

It truly sucks when you face problems giving advice, especially to the ones close to you, when they are in need. But mind you, it is not a crime.

Let us look through the situations you come across when you have problems giving advice –

When you are certain that you are not good at giving advice, you only hope that no one comes up to you seeking one.

hope seeking advice

No one approaches you for advice


However, there are times when you are the only person in the room with another troubled individual who is in need of desperate advice.

with another troubled person

Being alone with someone, who needs advice, scares you


Your friends will want to talk to you, too, about the personal or professional quandary they have been facing. It will make you uncomfortable…massively.

feel uncomfortable

You feel uncomfortable when someone asks your advice


You will make an excuse so that you can get out of the situation. Unfortunately, they must have told you the problem by now leaving you no option but to provide advice.

make an excuse

You have your excuses ready


For obvious reason, you will delay the process of giving them advice. Dilly-dallying will then eat your conscience, forcing you to unwillingly approach the troubled individual.

dilly dally

You delay the helping process


Even though giving advice is not your forte, you will try your level best. It might be the crappiest advice, but you will say something just to get over the discomfort.

crappy advice

You try your level best at giving advice


You apparently do not care whether the advice you gave worked or not. Certainly you would hope for the latter, as it would prevent the person from approaching you ever again.

be happy

You don’t care whether or not your advice worked


However, if the advice works, you will find more and more people approaching you. And the problem is you know who the source to all this is.

more people approach

You hate it when more people come to you for advice


You, nonetheless, make it a point thereafter that you are unavailable when it comes to giving advice. You have your own issue to worry about.

no more advice

You ensure no one else comes to you for advice

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