What is a perfect marriage?

Here’s how you can make your marriage a super success!

The marriage season is in full swing and everybody seems to be running behind the ‘perfect’ marriage. What exactly is that supposed to mean? If marriages are made in heaven, how do they get destroyed on earth? Well, here are some ways to have matrimonial bliss. Read on:

Trust each other:
It’s the oldest rule in the book and something that every relationship craves for. You have to trust your spouse, no matter what. If they have taken the plunge with you, they obviously love you so take their word for it. If they are lying to you, they will stop doing so when they realise how much you trust them.

Surprises galore:
If you have to make it work, you have to constantly surprise each other. This will help your relationship from stagnating. Don’t wait for birthdays and anniversaries to give each other gifts and flowers. Do it as often as you can and try to spring surprises as and when you can!

Support each other:
You have to share the chores and support each other at every stage. Marriage is a two way street and needs both of you to put in the same kind of effort and energy. One person can’t afford to slack off , while the other is slogging his ass off.

Every relationship works on compromises. Despite arguments against this motion, a successful relationship needs both parties to work up a solution where compromises are involved. But make sure that one person isn’t giving up a lot more than the other as that can create ego hassles and problems in the relationship.

Space and freedom:
Yes, you are married. No, you don’t own your spouse. You have to give each other space and freedom that they desire as without that they are going to regret being with you. And everybody has certain dreams and wishes that can’t be taken away from them.

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