10 Phrases That Could Destroy Your Relationship With Your Boss

Relationship with boss

Relationship with boss – Well keeping pace with the mood of your boss is like the tight-rope-walk where you don’t know when things will go berserk.

People really go places by merely oiling while some other prove their credentials and win accolades. No wonder the latter kind loathe the former kind and completely detest the idea of oiling because they have faith on their hard work. However, your boss may be sporting or solicitous towards you, or your personalities may not match too thereby embroiling is mental conflicts always. There are a bunch of problems and reasons at play behind a cantankerous relationship with your boss so you need to revise your actions and find out your mistakes.

Here are some phrases that you should avoid in order to keep relationship with boss.

Relationship with boss –

‘I want my salary to be increased because of my personal reasons’:

The salary rise should be at par with your real professional achievements. Bringing the personal issues in surface will only induce sympathy, not praise. Make sure that your boss doesn’t feel pity for you but proud of you when you remind him how you broke new grounds.

‘Can I leave after lunch today? There is nothing to do’:

If you are under a deadline-oriented daily plan, then you can surely leave as soon as you finish it but in the otherwise, you will only reveal yourself as a lethargic person who is uninterested in work. Of course, this will not go down well with the boss.

“It’s all Naveen’s fault”:

If you are wrong, be sporting and admit it. Passing the blame on someone else doesn’t make you a hero but presents you as an immature person. This kind of employees are sure to be distinctly noticed by boss as he knows he can easily trust him with quality work.

‘We have always done it like this’:

If you are all praise about your previous boss before the recent one, you are doing ‘my mom cooks better’ with your wife. No one cottons to comparisons and every boss has their own way of dealing things. You need to have flexible thinking and eagerness to learn. Being hardliner conservative will not impress your boss for sure.

“I will try”:

This means you are keeping him hanging or simply taking his order for granted because you are trying to remain on the safe side that if something goes down south, you can well shrug off the responsibility. When you say ‘I will try’, your boss will hear ‘I can’t do it’ so weigh your words before speaking and try to yield real results at work without neglecting responsibilities.

‘What’s in it for me’:

Well, if you are expecting a reward for your work, you should not be as open with it in the first place. Asking for small rewards are okay because otherwise they can take advantage of your kindness but you need to check your words are not harsh while asking for them.

Relationship with boss – If you are not expecting to face sharp reactions from your boss, you need to be polite while dealing with him. The matters you have at hand are entrusted upon you and impressing alone should not be your agenda, productivity should be too. This way you can impress your boss, not by using the above phrases brazenly.

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