Jumma, Chumma, And Salman Khan In One Song: It Is A Deadly Combination!

We talk about the first song release of Salman Khan’s Kick. The lyrics resemble Jumma Chumma De De from the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Hum. But similarity ends there. This is a nice number!

Jumma, Chumma and Salman Khan: Put these three together in a song and what you have in hand is a sure shot recipe for a mega chartbuster!

Yes guys, we are talking about the first song from Salman’s upcoming flick Kick!

The song was launched with much fanfare yesterday and has taken the music world by storm. People are going crazy to listen to it and it is well on its path to become the numero uno this season!

Sung by Mika in his unique singing style, the song is picturised on macho man Salman, and super hot and sexy looking, Jacqueline Fernandez!


The visual of the song is as impressive as the foot-tapping music and total contemporary tapori lyrics. Salman is looking uber cool in his French cut beard and Jacqueline is increasing the oomph factor with her little red dress! Shot on a set looking like a railway platform with hordes of dancers dancing behind Salman, it is a total entertainer that we deserve from him.

This however also reminds of a song with the same two catchy words, Jumma and Chumma. It was in early 1990’s when the song Jumma Chumma De De.. took the country by storm. It was shot on legendary Amitabh Bachchan and sexy Kimi Katkar (don’t look confused, she was a hot siren from a bygone era!!). However, it was a copy of an English song but very well adapted to Indian music styles and still makes people go crazy for it. Those dance moves from Amitabh, that sexiness oozing out of Kimi, all that is stuff what legends are made of.

The latest from Salman is not lacking in any department either.

Be it costumes, choreography, sets, dance moves, music or the ultimate chemistry showcased between brawn and beauty, everything looks perfectly in sync! No wonder people are already liking it and humming it all along. If this is the start of the music release, hold your breath to know what comes in future.

This can’t get better as Salman himself is lending his voice to a romantic duet with Shreya Ghoshal, titled Hangover, in the movie! Okay we know he is not a singer but whatever he does, it has his signature style. So we are sure he will bring that ‘X’ factor to that song as well.

Meanwhile, we have his current song to listen to and dance on. It is a total party number and soon will be heard everywhere. Salman himself wished that may this song becomes the anthem of the year. We have no doubts about that going by the phenomenal response it has received.

Enjoy the song guys and let us know what you feel about it! 

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