5 Warning Signs You And Your Partner Are Growing Apart


Couples should grow together and not apart.

Many divorce rates are increasing day by day, one of the reasons is that many couples do not understand that they relationship is drowning and how to save it. Some just come up with plain sentence i.e. We just grew apart.

Many couples fights, have problems but frequent frictions are tell tale signs of a bigger issue.

If you are too in a dilemma whether you and your partner are heading towards two different directions then you must read on.

Click through the gallery to know in detail about signs that can tell  how you and your partner are growing apart :

1. You both hardly have good quality time together nowadays.

For any relationship basking in each other’s company is vital. But many long term couples do not feel that desperation to meet each other. And for some, meetings feel like just another chore.

One should analyse this sign very well. If you do meet up and end up fighting or get irritated then this is the sign that shows you both are bored of each other and there are no sparks flying.

If you do not feel happy after meeting your beau then there’s severe problem in your relationship.


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