Valentine’s Week : World Celebrates Love, You Celebrate Freedom

When the world celebrates love today, you celebrate your freedom. We take a look at a few types of breakups.

Valentine’s day- a day for love, a day when all the lovey dovey thoughts flow through your mind, a day to cherish those memories of times spent with your loved ones. And here I am, writing about breakups on this special day.

Looking at the brighter side of it, you know that none of those tantrums, waiting at the restaurant, fights when you spend time with your BFFs or being a broke is going to happen anymore (wink). So, when the world celebrates love today, you celebrate your freedom.

We take a look at a few types of breakups. Ah! What a perfect day to write about breakups.

Logic #1: Because he went for a basketball rather than spending time with me.

So, you did not like the fact that he preferred a basketball game over  spending time with you? That is bad, indeed! Now that you guys are not together anymore, you make time for all of your BFFs. But what about your(plural) plan of turning from “Forever Together” to “Forever Alone.” To get over the grief you try the Jab We Met stunt and put his picture on fire. Flush and gone! You feel so light. And I, here,  am very happy for you.

Logic #2. She didn’t deserve you.

You guys have had your share of Ups and Downs, and when you started dating everything seemed so green, lovely and full of life and there was her support as well. But just another flick of life and you think she never supported you emotionally or otherwise. Great! All I can think of right now is when elders warn you saying, “Ye baal dhoop mein safed nahi hue. Humne duniya dekhi hai.”

Logic #3. She found somebody better than you in all respects.

This one sounds very creepy. You mean to say that you guys started off very smoothly and nothing went wrong for a long time. She joined some coaching class and went through divine intervention, perhaps by Goddess Saraswati. Her GK and opinion about other things in life changed substantially. And she found love in somebody who matched her wits and intelligence. Seriously!?

Logic #4. She was more like a news channel

When you had asked her out, she was all like a kid and bubbly. Few months later, you guys go out on your eighteenth date. You eat and talk and then you crack a joke. She laughs and talk and talks and broadcasts. Ever since that thing took place you see dreams that has the “laughter” in it, which wakes you up in the middle of the night. An indication from the universe, was it?

Logic #5. We were not ready for a mature relationship

The only reason I find practical. You guys shared moments of happiness and sorrow. But then, you have this realisation that going to the movies, discos, hogging onto the food and completing the assignments together isn’t what this is about. There should be much more in a relationship. 

Jokes apart, but choosing to love when you are feeling down is often neither easy nor simple. Love has many faces and infinite expressions. So, if you are not happy in your relationship, breaking up on Valentine’s day is as good as breaking up on any other day. In fact I find the idea quite different. What about you? 


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