A Guide To How, When, Why And Which Mobile Phones To Use While Driving?

In-vehicle phone usage has always rendered caveats for the driver and passengers. Nevertheless, there are also certain conveniences which one may lose by totally giving up on phones whiles driving.

We have always heard that using a mobile phone while driving is synonymous with drunk driving.

However, statistics reveal that the risk of an accident when a driver uses a phone while driving is far less than those posed by drunk drivers.

Moreover, for an intoxicated driver, the impairment continues for a longer period of time, whereas in the case of a mobile phone, the driver himself chooses the length of distraction.

There is no denying that in-vehicle phone use does distract the driver, but then talking to co-passengers and listening to loud music also play an important role in diverting the driver’s mind.

Further, there are also several advantages which one can avail by using a phone while driving, some of which are as follows:    

  1. The most important benefit of using a mobile phone while driving derives from the fact that it enables drivers to report emergencies such as car accidents, robberies, assaults, and several other critical situations. 
  1. It also allows drivers to call and inform at the intended destination that they are running late. This helps in lessening the pressure of the driver to drive at high speeds through traffic. 
  1. The usage of phone while driving keeps one in constant touch with his/her family members and companions. It not only generates personal and parental peace of mind but is also particularly useful in reducing the number and duration of car trips. It provides the ability to call on the way back home to check if there is a need to pick up a medicine or any utility item from the store. 
  1. It allows professionals to utilize time to conduct business on the mobile phone which otherwise would have spent idling in traffic. 

Here it is important to note that one can always avail the above-mentioned benefits more safely and effectively by simply parking the car. Moreover, thanks to technology, now there are a handful of high-end phones which sport specifically great features to provide convenience to users while driving such as:

  1. The Motorola Assist of Moto X which reads incoming text messages, informs the user the name of the caller, and launches the music app to play the most recent audio track. 
  1. Then there is the Driving Mode of Samsung Galaxy S4 which reads the content aloud when one gets calls, messages, or notifications.   

If you happen to be frequent or constant drivers, you can always opt for such devices that do not hamper your important communication while driving.

Nevertheless, one also cannot totally ignore the disadvantages derived from such usage patterns. Distractions definitely lead to bad driving, which in turn results in collisions, thus impacting the lives of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of other vehicles.

The key point is that one should always practice sensible driving by using the phone in a parked car, particularly in non-emergency situations.

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