You Sure Would Want To “Unfriend” These 5 Kinds Of People From Life

The kinds of friends no one wants – Many people believe it to be true that one should treasure their friends for the rest of their life. But there are certain groups of friends that need to be eliminated immediately from your life.

Many people believe it to be true that one should treasure their friends for the rest of their life, and they follow it religiously.

However, there are several kinds of cretins that we have for ‘friends’, but don’t really need to.

Where you can appreciate the presence of some individuals in your life, it is important that you let go some of them, for good.

Let us take a look at the different groups of friends that you can do without –

If you are considering ticking off certain individuals from your friend circle, gossip mongers should be the first one to go. These people are vulnerable to keeping secrets and get into trouble often for the same reason. When the ship sinks on them, they will take you down, too.


You might also have friends who are social media fanatics. They are always hooked on to the social media like a drug addict to crack. You ask them a question and they will reply without taking their eyes off the computer screen. Lack of respect for the person and the topic of discussion! So, what’s your decision?


People, who are moody, do not make good friends either. You can never tell when they are in their happy place or when their mind has wandered into hell. The only way to determine their mood on the day is to talk to them; that’s the risk you will have to take and on the worse days, bear the brunt.


Then you have the “i-know-it-all” category of friends. A decent discussion with this lot is close to impossible. Throw a scenario or a question at them and you will instantaneously get an answer. You can definitely take advantage of these people, if you are that type of a person, as they can come in handy during school/college/office debates.


Some individuals have it as their nature to be demanding. You can try to be a better friend and that will still not be enough for them. Sky is the limit for them at all stages of life. You will find yourself making your share of sacrifices without them reaching the level of contentment that you expect.


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