These Are India’s Funny Sculptures

Funny Sculptures

Funny Sculptures – Sculptures are the main parts of the landscaping in modern architecture required for beautifying the public area.

The lucrative and funny exposure that not only beautifies but also creates a matter to have fun with especially for the children and teenagers.

The sculptures of the modern world are described in a different form compared to the earlier or ancient statues that were depicted on the stones.

The interesting funny sculpture in few parts of India:

Funny Sculptures in India –

1 – The three monkeys denoting the modern generation:

We know about the three monkeys, that denote not to say bad, not to hear anything bad and not to see bad. In Navi Mumbai, the three monkey are defined with the resemblance to the modern generation.

The first monkey with the mobile phone on the hand, similar to the first monkey, busy talking in the phones. The second monkey denoting the Bluetooth, that is listening and finally the third and last monkey that has a binocular in his hand watching through it.

The entire scenario has changed with the new gadgets available and the convenience of their use for every individual that is seen in the sculpture present in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. One of the funniest ways of describing the modern technology.

Funny Sculptures

2 – Dinosaur statue or sculpture Ooty.

The huge size of the dinosaur you can find in the thunder world, a wonderful place for children to play around. The funniest part of the sculpture that shows the dinosaurs are splitting out of the eggs with a witty smile on the face.

One of the best and funny sculptures which is also known as the Dinosaur Park and Bigfoot.

The extinct dinosaurs although taken place the long time before but the sculptures have not allowed shedding the memories away.

Funny Sculptures

3 – Stone sculpture, Shanghumugham, Kerala.

One of the finest thought of the sculpture built in the beach of the Shanghumugham, Kerala. The statue is made of the stone, it describes how people visiting the beaches enjoys the environment and relaxes laying down on the sand.

The funny and intellectual sculpture, divided into two parts outline of the human head with the hands and the other part is the cut out of the lower part of the body lying and covered by the grass. Funny layout with beautiful landscaping best for sightseeing at Kerala.

Funny Sculptures

4 – Sculpture of common man

Common man but the look which is extremely quirky and the comic lies in the entire appearance of the man. If you are roaming around the beaches in Worli, Mumbai, then without any fault you will find this man or sculpture awaiting facing at the sea beach.

Funny Sculptures

5 – The Mirror Spectacles, Delhi.

Wonderful combination of sculpture and technology that you will find standing at the Connaught place, Delhi. The power glass with the frame made of stones, a modern sculpture that is related to an object instead of living things.

A wonderful landscaping with a warm welcome through the wide sculpture entrance.

Funny Sculptures

These are Funny Sculptures of India – Land scaping of the public area such as fountains, parks or beaches is required to be decorated with uniqueness and greenery. The places are made lively with statues that add fun and plants that purify the air and environment.

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