Girls, 10 Things You Must Never Do Post Break-Up If You Don’t Wanna Be A Dumb-Head Looser!

Girls have this funny act going on once they break-up with their boyfriend which makes them appear totally stupid. Here are few things advised not to do if they want to take control of their life.

Alright! It’s just a BREAK-UP!

Don’t just BREAK UP with Life girl!

Some dick-head guy cannot just write your worth by taking or leaving you! Know it in and out that you are what YOU make of yourself!

Do not give any dumb signs to some guy that you are all crap, after he moved ahead and left you to figure out that you don’t have an identity of your own without him in your life.

Top most avoiding things are here. If you start to get signals that you are doing any of these, RUN AWAY! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE…. AND DIGNITY!

1)         Never obsess over his new girlfriend. It’s alright. He made a choice. The girl he is dating will eventually know that she is in deep sh**t. What she wears, eats, where she lives, in what metro she travels is not going to change that fact and it’s none of your headache! Stop fishing for next opportunity to beat the shit out of her!



2)         Never go back to your other exes. Not a good idea at all! You ex is your ex because he left you an example as to why he is an ex! Don’t go back!



3)         DO NOT blow up his phone by making several meaningless calls or sending stupid texts. If that meant anything to him, he wouldn’t have broken up!



4)        OK, You won’t get anywhere by EATING THOSE HURT EMOTIONS (Read Junk Food)! Stop acting foolish! Your body ain’t a JUNK YARD!



5)         Well yeah! OK! He bought you a drink! Cute! YOU DON’T have to start anticipating a night with him. Do not sleep with every guy who buys you a drink! Wait for the one who is ready to buy …diamonds, an international vacation, a house at the beach… mmm… a yatch maybe.. and a.. Ok forget it!



6)         BEER-LOADS won’t get you anywhere other than loo! Stop drinking those cry-baby feelings!



7)         That is OK! He just broke-up with you! 1000s of them break-up with 1000s of them! Big Deal Yaar! You DO NOT have to call a ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE and announce it to the WORLD! 



8)         Tragedy singers cannot sing to save your love-life! Stop listening to sad ones! Happy music is al-over the place!



 9)        DO NOT… please read carefully.. DO NOT HOOK-UP with just any guy who MAKES you look BEAUTIFUL! Arrrghhhh.. what a monster!!



10)      Oh Yeah,! Stop these “TAKE ME BACK” tactics! Do not let single-ness kill your brains for nothing!



11)       Well this one you MUST DO! Take out time for self! Life is not something to be wasted for some dick-head moron! It is to be lived with what YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN BE! LIVE ON!



It’s just break-up. Don’t break up with life. It’s not advisable to change the course of life for someone. Get out of it. Move on. Keep moving. And enjoy…

Life is full of surprises. Wait for one that makes you blissful… 

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