Let’s Make People Smile! Effective Ways To Market Your Digital Content Via YouTube

Youtube marketing

In this world hungry for newer and different media it is very necessary to connect perfectly to your audience.

Where everything is paid and cumbersome to manage, YouTube comes out as a free option to post just about anything that suits your fancy and gets you followers who actually like what you are presenting to them!

How is YouTube so powerful?

Take the example of IISuperwomanII

( YouTube channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/IISuperwomanII ) and ZaidAliT

(YouTube channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/Baloch6731), these two simple souls make Vlogs, simple and funny vines that make your day a little better.

What they do in terms of investment? A simple video camera, loads of video editing prowess and a dedicated social media team that gets their videos viewed by the right kind of audience.

The number of followers these two have is equal to the amount of followers a celeb should get and rightly so, they deserve all of it!

So now you get the hang of it, YouTube is super powerful if you put something that means something to someone. You just need any camera, good sound and you’re ready to go!

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Let’s have a look at some Youtube Marketing Tips –

Why is YouTube necessary?

  • In this world where everything is going into the digital space, content marketing via multimedia integration is a pre-eminent choice anybody looking forward to making it big in their industry need to know. Deciding on a marketing strategy for this platform is key. It makes or breaks your campaign. The Star Sports ‘maukamauka’ campaign is one such example, everyone has ‘maukamauka’ on their lips!
  • Even moviemakers are releasing 5K content on YouTube to support their film distributional needs.
  • It’s free and easy to use! All you have to do is make a video, edit it and voila! Upload!
  • The likes on your videos also help you earn money. All that is needed is an AdSense account.

Tips to Make Your Video Come out Perfect and Appealing

The planning and execution of your video is what matters. No amount of expensive cameras or highly skilled editing with VFX or motion graphics can make or break your video; only the correct method of presentation will! Here are some things you need to keep in mind while making your own travelogue, Vlog, vine, show reel, presentation, music video or anything that you want to showcase to the world:

  • Eight-Second Rule

The headline of your video does little. It is what is within the first eight seconds of the video that interests the viewer according to a research.

If they don’t find it appealing, they move on! Holding your audience’s attention is key! Even if your media strategy looked great on paper, it might turn out differently on the reel. Being devalued in search results only because people chose to ignore you isn’t something you’d want, would you? 

  • Subject Promotion

Everything should be up front and with the proper focus. Your subject, a model, a product, an event or anything else should revolve around the subject. Going off-topic is what kills the interest. Keeping things interesting and quirky is what people like.

A good skill in writing and cinematography is all that it takes to understand how to shoot the content. Do not put long and cumbersome titles or over-the-top graphics. Choose music accordingly.

  • Treat Your Audience With Respect And Gratitude

Always give your introduction at the end of your video. Just highlight your brand name and key features of the subject you are trying to portray.

Keep asking questions to your audience and make funny remarks; you will be rewarded handsomely in the comments section. A personal touch is very important to make the audience loyal towards your channel.

  • Treat Your Camera Like Your Best Friend

Visualize your potential audience as if they were sitting in that very room with you. Be as personal as you can be! Avoid reading from the script, open your mouth and start talking.

Stay within the confines of your content and you won’t even know that you have covered all topics without many takes.

  • Call-to-action

A call-to-action is critical in every video, Keep that for the last moment. Keep your video short enough to incorporate this part effectively. Try staying within a timeframe and not overstepping it.

The basic architectural need for any video is simplicity. The more simple and uncluttered your video is; the more appreciation you get.

Be a YouTube star!

Make the world smile with good content that they yearn to see!

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