10 Hilarious April Fool Stories That Will Make You Laugh Plus They Will Give Cool Ideas!

April Fool Ideas

April Fool Ideas –  April fool day is right around the corner, and it’s time to get yourself prepared with a cool April fool joke. So, have you decided about it? It’s absolutely good if you have figured it out, but for others who haven’t done it, this article will help you.

Recently, Redditors shared their cool April fool stories and trust me; they are simply hilarious.

You know what; seriously thanks to these Redditors because now I got plenty of ideas to prank my loved ones.

So, I’m done with mine; but now it’s your turn.

Take a look at these April fool ideas / stories and enjoy the day when it comes.

  1. Two years ago I switched the location of the kitchen drawers.
  1. The one that almost got me fired
  • Took a screenshot of my boss’s computer home screen
  • Saved the screenshot as screen saver
  • Hid all the icons and the taskbar
  • Rotated the screen 180 degrees

Then I sat back and waited. It wasn’t long before my boss came back to his office, sat down and grabbed the mouse. The scream was hilarious; it didn’t take IT very long to figure out what had happened and my poor attempt at hiding my laughter left no doubt as to who the culprit was.  (Guys and girls, you can try this with your friends who isn’t an IT expert)

  1. Put a note on someone’s car “sorry about the damage, had to leave”. And watch them freak out looking for the damage.
  1. Resetting all the clocks in the house 2 hours early so my family thinks they’re late. This also makes more pranks easier as they are often in a frantic state. (Imagine the scene-one can probably do this one)
  1. With a bit of water on your hands (I usually do this after washing mine), get behind someone, fake sneeze, and flick some on the back of their neck.

Harmless, and hilarious all the time!

  1. Replace Oreo filling with toothpaste.
  1. At work, closing the bathroom with a “Do not use” sign and yellow tape. I had people going to another floor for the first couple hours of the day until someone realized it was a gag. (This will be fun, don’t you think guys?)
  1. When I was 16 I mailed my brother a letter pretending to be woman he’d hooked up with a few years before and asking if he’d like to meet their daughter. He didn’t even finish reading the letter before he walked over and punched me really hard in the thigh. I guess my 16 Y.O chicken scratch didn’t look much like lady hand-writing. (Alright, the guy might’ve failed but overall it’s a good idea to prank your brother/sister- Think about it smartly)
  1. When I was just learning to drive, my dad and I came up with the idea to say I crashed my car. When we got back from the drive my dad went in and started talking with my mom and I walked off to my room by myself with my head down. My dad rather than saying I wrecked the car told my mom to go see for herself. One of the best parts was when my dad and I were waiting inside by the door because my mom spent a good time looking for the damage on the car. (Good prank to play with our innocent moms, right?)
  1. Setting porn as my cousin’s ringtone when he wasn’t looking. When I called him the look on people’s faces around him was hilarious.

April Fool Ideas – So, which one are you trying? Do you have any other prank ideas? Let us know about it in the comment section blow.

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