How to ease PMS symptoms

The solution is not to get used to them, but to ease away the monthly torment the healthy way…


It’s a monthly torment to bear with killer stomach cramps, bloated abdominal, back ache, mood swings and severe fatigue. Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms take the worst out of you and you end up being cranky for no reason, getting irritated over small things, and feeling weak, uncomfortable and depressed. While the degree varies from person to person, I can’t recall if I ever met a woman who doesn’t complain about PMS and so, the solution is not in getting used to it, but to find healthy ways to ease it off, which definitely doesn’t include popping pills.

Increase mineral intake: Foods that are rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium reduce the symptoms of PMS drastically. They improve the metabolic function and hormone metabolism in the body. Look at eating brown rice, lentils, beans, oranges, apples, broccoli, whole pulses and cashews.

Vitamin A, B, D and E: Vitamins are needed to ward off the feeling of fatigue and acute tiredness throughout the day. They also crankiness and depression, and the irritability factor in your mood and give your body some essential nutrition it needs to function well. Munch on a handful of nuts, banana, chicken breast, sweet potato, carrots, egg, apricot, avocado, fish and almonds.

Controlled hormones: An imbalance in the hormonal level is one of the prime factors that trigger PMS symptoms. Make it a habit to eat one teaspoon of roasted flaxseeds, a shell of walnut and two cups of green tea everyday, throughout the month and you will feel much more relaxed and free of pain before and during your menstrual cycle.

Exercise and yoga: Any form of exercise, even if you manage to do it just for 15 minutes a day, will increase the blood circulation in your body and instantly lift your mood. Try practising basic yoga postures of suryanamaskar, brisk walking or jogging, controlled breathing or dancing during anytime of the day.

No to caffeine: It is a common habit to drink far greater qualities of tea or coffee when you are PMSing, just because at the back of your mind you feel anything hot will make the situation better and bearable for you. But caffeine, even in chocolates, tends to make you restless and only adds to your PMS misery.

Don’t skip meals: Looking at your bloated tummy make you skip meals, but that’s the thing you can do to when you are PMSing. Bloating occurs when we swallow food without chewing it properly. Keep a track of what you are eating and when throughout the day and eat all your meals on time, and also snack on some mid-morning and mid-evening goodies. It will keep headache and fatigue at bay, and will keep the blood sugar levels intact. Also, if your stomach is full, you will not get any cravings to dig into unhealthy junk.

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