Your Sexy Is Beautiful, But My Sexy Is Vulgar! Why?

vulgar sexy

Vulgar sexy – Shocked by this question?

Well, this is a valid concern bordering on the line of rant by all those so called beautiful and sexy women of Bollywood who are classified as only the sex-objects devoid of any substance. Not just sex-objects, but vulgar and cheap sex-objects!

On the other end of the spectrum are those sultry divas that are called classy sexy despite doing the same skin-show or giving same kind of titillating performances! Not fair!!

Beautiful sexy – vulgar sexy – Why this disparity?

Beauty is beauty and is not based on caste, color creed or status in society! It should be judged without any bias or prejudice, isn’t it?

However, it is not the case when it comes to actresses in Bollywood. Let’s look at some of the news-making ladies and their oomph generating factors:

Are they beautiful sexy or vulgar sexy?

Beautiful (read classy) Sexy Beauties:

1) Katrina Kaif

She is breathtakingly beautiful and extremely sexy. No man remains untouched by her sensuousness oozing out of her hot pants or bikini shots, despite the fact that she can’t act to save her life! She is basically a glam-doll required to look beautiful, wear some revealing clothes and seduce men. That’s all!

2) Deepika Padukone

The long-legged beauty is equally comfortable in ethnic dresses as well as two-piece bikinis; and why not? She has the curves to flaunt and skin-show is the order of the day! So even her ethnic choli will be backless with a deep cut in front! Artistic choli, huh?

3) Priyanka Chopra

Okay, she can act as well, somewhat! But that doesn’t lessen the fact about her skin-revealing costumes in various movies or item songs with those titillating gyrating latka-jhatkas. Is it like when one acts for a big-banner, the aesthetics and morals are different?

4) Kareena Kapoor

She is the ultimate royal Kapoor girl who does everything with a touch of class, so to say! A sari clad prostitute in Chameli to a bikini-wearing size-zero girl in Tashan, it is not skin-show or dirty, but pleasing to eyes. So what if in the end, it is all filled with sexual content? Do we smell special treatment? Well, well

Now let’s talk about girls who are considered vulgar or not classy enough to be considered sex-divas of the society and are looked down upon.

Vulgar Sexy Beauties:

1) Poonam Pandey

Who doesn’t know this attention-seeking girl who only knows how to shed clothes to stay in limelight? However, she does give the audience what they are craving for, just a little bit more than the leading actresses of Bollywood do! Fair enough?

2) Veena Malik

She came, tried, shed clothes, sexualized the whole atmosphere around her and then lost the battle to finally marry the guy of her practical dreams (read: a rich guy!)! Yes, she couldn’t act to save her life but then so many of leading actresses can’t act either. Still she got labeled as a wannabe desperate gold-digger! Hmph

3) Rakhi Saawant

Ahh, here is the lady who reached where she has thanks to chemicals like silicon and Botox and what not! Of course her controversial statements helped her a lot, but then in showbiz it is normal to hog for publicity any which ways!

4) Sherlyn Chopra

The Playboy girl has gone to extreme of extremes to grab attention by trying to bring a sexual-revolution in the country. Of course, such things are not possible by only one person. What’s the harm though? Individual choice and freedom of expression, right?

Above mentioned all the ladies are on par when it comes to displaying and expressing sexuality, in various degrees of course! Just that it all depends on which film-makers or directors are presenting these girls as part of their vision. So why to discriminate them? Why can’t all of them be beautiful and sexy? Why differentiate?

Oh, there is another girl who can be comfortably seated under both the above mentioned categories, depending on the viewer’s mind.

Sunny Leone! Beautiful sexy for those admiring her bolly flicks workmanship; and vulgar sexy for those who consider her previous profession! You guys, take your own call!!

For us she is just SEXY!

For whatever it takes, let’s just appreciate beauty and give love to each one of these gorgeous women!

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